Fauci Now Promoting COVID-19 Treatment That Media Slammed DeSantis for Promoting Sooner

Fauci Now Promoting COVID-19 Treatment That Media Slammed DeSantis for Promoting Sooner
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According to the mainstream media, Dr. Anthony Fauci can do no wrong and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can do no right. No matter how right DeSantis turns out to be, the media will only label him as an irresponsible science denier responsible for the deaths of millions.

Still no word about Cuomo’s thousands of dead, but I’m sure it’s coming any day now.

Funny thing is, not long ago, DeSantis promoted monoclonal antibody treatments as a way to combat the COVID-19 virus earlier this month. The Associated Press jumped on the story and accused him of dirty politics, and released an article connecting him with the company that creates this treatment via campaign donations.

As it turns out, the clickbait piece from the AP was horrifically misleading non-scandal that actually endangered lives by making a life-saving treatment political as my colleague Bonchie wrote. It was just one more reason not to trust the media which was clearly out to get DeSantis, no matter what fallout happens as a result.

Now it’s gotten even worse for them, because who’s promoting exactly what DeSantis was promoting earlier this month?

According to the New York Post, we now have Dr. Fauci himself effectively echoing DeSantis:

COVID-19 sufferers can reduce their risk of hospitalization and death by up to 85 percent if they receive monoclonal antibody treatments in the early stages of their illness, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday.

The White House chief medical adviser said that using the lab-made antibodies to fight the virus before a patient is hospitalized can prevent the chances of severe illness by between 70 and 85 percent.

“It is important to emphasize that this must be done early in infection and not wait, of course, until a person is sick enough to be hospitalized,” Fauci said at a COVID-19 press briefing.

“That’s when you get the best effect. And again, being an underutilized intervention, we want people out there, including physicians as well as potential patients, to realize the advantage of this very effective way of treating early infection.”

Meaning DeSantis has been right all along…again, and funny enough, it’s Fauci bringing up the rear this time.

Will we get an apology from the media, or will DeSantis be given any credit for pushing the treatment at all? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The media’s bias isn’t just annoying, it’s literally harmful.

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