Rule or Be Ruled

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

It often feels like I’m writing the same article over and over again, or that any subject I write about has the same over-arching point. I think about it every time I sit down at my computer to type up a story or write an op-ed as I’m doing now. I used to feel the subject matter I’d write about was far more diverse than in recent weeks. There was a point to be made about one subject or another, but lately, my articles have revolved around a singular nexus.

After a while of pondering why I can’t seem to get out of this rut, I realized that the sensation I was feeling was fear. My brain wouldn’t let me admit it to myself, but I’m afraid.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about myself over the course of my time on this Earth, it’s that I’m not very good with authority. I didn’t hate authority for authority’s sake, mind you. I was never the kid to spit on cops or despise a teacher or principal because that was their position. My issue is that I’m not good with authority if I think the figure wielding it isn’t deserving of it or shouldn’t have authority in the first place. The nicest guy in the world could be giving me orders, but if I feel he’s in no position to do so, I will just as kindly refuse to comply.

But right now, we don’t have the kindest people in the world giving orders. Sure, they may paint their authoritarianism with smiley faces, caring phrases, and talk about equality and fairness, but these are the people who use these actions and phrases as a way to get your guard down so they can enact whatever agenda they have.

It’s easy to see what I mean if you’re willing to look, and sadly many aren’t.

Tucker Carlson recently did a monologue where he featured exactly what I’ve been saying. He showed you the hypocrisy of those attempting to rule us, and what it would look like if they succeeded. This includes the recent DCCC event in Napa where Pelosi and the rest of her white attendees ate maskless at high-society tables while their masked employees of color served them food and wine.

This is the same party that likes to tell you it’s the party that obeys science and wants minorities on more equal footing. That Carlson shows you the absolute lunacy happening in Australia with its authoritarian government good mad is a good example of what happens when people allow their government to make every decision for them and refuse to allow dissent.

It’s a world that I don’t think I’d do well in.

If I were an Australian citizen, I’d likely be in jail right now, and many of you reading this would likely say “me too.” Thing is, I’d really rather us not get to that point. In America, we take rebellion a bit more seriously. When the anti-authoritarian bug in our blood gets hot enough, we tend to start wars. Very bloody ones too. It happened when we decided to be independent of a foreign monarchy and it happened again when we couldn’t agree on slavery and state’s rights. While we didn’t start a war in Europe against a tyrannical mad man bent on world domination, we sure did finish it.

At this time, Democrats are panicked and becoming more so every day. Democrat governors are being recalled or resigning, confidence in Biden is falling fast, and the left is leaderless. Those who would seek to rule us are weak, but they won’t stay that way.

Midterms are right around the corner. We need to drive the stake home and pierce the heart of this vampire sucking the life out of America.

We must begin to reverse the process now or things are going to get very, very difficult for people like you and me. They don’t like difficult people and they’ll strip everything from you in order to silence you. Whether it’s your job or your freedoms, they’ll begin the process of taking it all.

These leaders need to be removed and removed quickly. The clock is running down, it’s just up to us to see to it that those currently in power don’t stay there and tighten their grip on our necks. It’s our country. Not theirs.


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