Media Taking Victory Laps Over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Catching COVID Should Probably Sit Down

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Earlier this week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. For many, it wasn’t that big of a surprise. He’s a busy man who meets with a lot of people and despite being vaccinated, vaccinations aren’t a guaranteed way of staying COVID-free. His positive diagnosis, while sad, likely won’t be the end of the world for us or him. As of this writing, he’s asymptomatic and doing fine.


Rather predictably, the left is doing everything short of throwing themselves a parade. Leftists on the internet are beside themselves with joy and are wishing him all the worst. More than that, however, they’re throwing around I-told-ya-so’s as if their life depended on it. Funny enough, some probably think it does.

This includes the leftist talking heads in the media who, also rather predictably, mounted their soapboxes and preached the good word of Fauci at full volume directly at the Governor, but mostly to you. As Fox News covered, figures at CNN and MSNBC were as giddy as they were vindictive:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza published an analysis Wednesday titled, “The lesson Greg Abbott should learn from having Covid-19.” In the piece, he wrote, “There’s a lesson in all of this for Abbott — although he’s unlikely to see it due to his own political considerations. And that lesson goes like this: Masks work. So do other mitigation practices like social distancing and limiting large gatherings.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid shouted, “Ta-da!” as she announced the news that Abbott had tested positive, while noting he wasn’t showing symptoms after being vaccinated.

Reid invited MSNBC contributor Julian Castro on her show, who claimed Abbott has stopped Texans from taking “the safety precautions that you think are in the best interest for the community and to protect children” while at the same time getting quality treatment for his COVID diagnosis. Castro also claimed ordinary Texas citizens do not have access to Regeneron.

“It’s the height of hypocrisy,” Castro insisted.


Actually, Castro is wrong. Regeneron is free in Texas and there are more and more centers opening up so Texans can get access. I’m pretty sure he knows that, too. Also, Abbott has not stopped people from doing what they feel is right for them, just banned local governments from requiring mask mandates. People can wear masks if they so choose, and some do.

But here’s the kicker.

The left is jumping all over Abbott like hyenas on a wounded lion, but for all their finger-wagging and holier-than-thou demeanor when it comes to the right, we can all remember them being awfully quiet when another set of Texas politicians got COVID-19.

Do you remember the media making a big deal of things when the Texas Democrats who fled the state to stop the legislature from passing election safety laws got COVID? I don’t mean basic reports either. I mean the preaching and proselytizing you see right now.

I sure don’t.

It’s because when it came to the Democrats catching COVID, they didn’t want that to be the big story. The big story is that they were valiantly fighting for “election fairness” and that was to be the main focus. Their catching and spreading the virus wasn’t a huge deal then. Suddenly, now it is? It’s okay for Democrats to spread the virus but not Republicans? The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

This is the pattern. The COVID virus isn’t an issue if the person or event is something Democrats agree with. Whether it’s a Black Lives Matter rally/march or a festival, if the Democrats like it or it benefits them in any way, it’s not a super spreader event and whatever people do is okay. However, if a person with even a toe sticking out right-of-center exhales in public it’s a super spreader event, and what the hell was he thinking?


These people are clowns, and hypocritical clowns to boot. If it wasn’t worth talking about when the Texas Democrats got COVID, it’s not worth talking about if the Texas governor got COVID, but it if is worth talking about the governor, then it’s worth talking about the Democrats. Period.


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