Subway Franchise Owners Demand Rapinoe be Ousted as Spokeswoman After Customers Refuse to Eat There

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Resounding Olympic “meh” star Megan Rapinoe spent an inordinate amount of time making it clear she’s pretty anti-American, and after her failure to bring home the gold in the sport she was supposed to focus on, she’s not looking like the hero she probably thought she would.


In fact, in the eyes of many, she looks like a complete villain. This includes Subway franchise owners who are demanding Rapinoe be removed as Subway’s spokeswoman after customers made it clear that they wouldn’t be eating at the establishment if the company supported her message.

As reported by the New York Post, Rapinoe’s continued exhibition of anti-American sentiment has made Americans angry, and Subway franchise owners have been paying the price, causing them to write to the corporation to pressure them to ditch the purple-haired bronze winner so customers would return.

Some of the pressure came during the North American Association of Subway Franchisees where a Wisconsin store operator posed a handwritten note a customer had taped to his window, encouraging others to boycott his store over Rapinoe kneeling during the anthem.

The Wisconsin owner also said that an ad featuring Rapinoe kicking a soccer ball at a man to make him drop a burrito needs to be pulled. Subway has since made the video private on YouTube.


“It gets tiring apologizing,” the owner wrote.

Other franchise owners have been weighing in according to the Post:

One exasperated West Coast franchisee told The Post he believes the company’s ads should focus on the improved bread. The franchisee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, also suggested that Subway’s ad gurus focus on the chain’s mom-and-pop owners so Subway comes off as less corporate.

“Spending our money to make a political statement is completely and totally out of bounds,” an Arizona franchisee said on the NAASF blog about the corporate parent.

Another Midwest-based franchisee said Subway should have seen this coming before signing Rapinoe. In July 2019, she took heat for allegedly stomping on the American flag. Weeks earlier, she created headlines when she said she was not going to the “f**king White House” if invited to visit President Trump.

A lawyer who represents Subway noted he’s been getting calls from franchise owners and assuring them that their demands have reached the desk of Subway’s president:

“I had a bunch of franchisees calling me on this today,” said the unnamed lawyer. “They are trying to get the ads pulled.”

Who would have thought that being anti-American would be bad for business in America?


Rapinoe’s popularity seems to be relegated to Twitter mobs, reporters, and LGBT activists, but she doesn’t seem to be finding a lot of favor anywhere else. Subway’s choice of making her a spokeswoman was a miscalculation of epic proportion, but it’s not just hurting the corporation. Subway is made up of franchise owners, and it’s they who are suffering. If the corporation has any sense of decency, they’ll drop Rapinoe, but at this time corporations are scared of blue checks and activists coming for them.

At some point, these businesses will have to choose whether or not they want to fear a small group of very loud people or a large group of everyday people who don’t want anything to do with what social justice extremists have to offer. Especially one like Rapinoe who has given many people reasons not to like here, especially women.



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