So the Media's Going to Call Joe Biden Xenophobic Now, Right?

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When former President Donald Trump was called President Donald Trump, he couldn’t catch a break from the press. No matter what he did, it was wrong. If he breathed out of his right nostril, you’d see the rise of nostril equality activists proclaiming Trump’s bigotry and intolerance toward the left nostril.

Of course, when it comes down to what decisions Trump made for the country, every move was a herald of the arrival of his true form, Trumphitler. Racism, xenophobia, and his overall evilness was going to be the second coming of a dictator filled with nothing but hatred for anyone who didn’t look like him.

Quick aside, none of my spell/grammar checking software detected “Trumphitler” as a spelling error. What’s that about?

Trump was famously called “xenophobic” over his closure of the United States to people overseas by none other than Joe Biden himself.

“We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus,” tweeted Biden. “We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.”

First, they cheered Biden’s tweet because it called Trump xenophobic and that causes the dopamine program in the leftist central processing unit to execute, but then they denied that he ever said it, probably because they knew for a fact that there was the chance that he’d have to do it himself.

And guess what? That time came. As my colleague Nick Arama wrote earlier, the Biden administration has now extended the travel bans from certain countries in light of the spread of the Coronavirus variants.

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We can safely assume the left and its mainstream press are throwing those goalposts into the back of an unmarked van and moving them deep into the countryside where we may never find them. Don’t worry, they’ll wheel them back out again for the next Republican president.

That is to say, you can bet they won’t be labeling Biden a xenophobe for this travel restriction extension started by the Trump administration, but it’s likely they would be giving Trump a hard time for extending these restrictions in some way if he were still in office.

Democrats are contrarians when it comes to Republicans. In fact, if Trump were still in office there’s a fair chance that a good number of Democrats out there — including some in the press — who would be outright anti-vaxxers and wondering if a vaccine that hasn’t had time to get FDA approval should be pushed on the people like it is.

But Democrats want the eradication of the coronavirus under their belts so they’re more than happy to push the vaccine to the point of being willing to send people to your doorstep to talk to you about it. If they get that W in their column, they can feast off of that for a decade…even though the Biden vaccine rollout was Trump’s plan with a Biden sticker slapped over it.

I give you all this because I want to make one point very clear, and it’s a point I continuously make. The Democrat party is concerned more with their electoral viability than they are you. They will gladly lie to you to the point of putting you in danger if it means you’ll vote for them later. They will actively paint their opponents in an insanely sinister light with very little truth behind it if it means it’ll elevate their chances of being voted for even an inth.

What’s more, the press will go right along with it. Nobody is going to even remotely call Biden xenophobic or any other detrimental name. Biden could literally be walking a baby off a cliff and journalists would justify it and even turn it into a positive.

I mean, they do it with abortion.

Don’t trust the left. It’s not good for you.


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