James O'Keefe Has Twitter on the Backfoot After Massive Legal Victory Against Them

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Back in April, Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe brought a lawsuit against Twitter after the social media giant terminated his account over the excuse — without evidence — that he was running multiple fake accounts. Perhaps not so surprisingly, they did this as Project Veritas was exposing CNN’s technical director Charlie Chester.


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The lawsuit was filed in a New York state court, which Twitter immediately attempted to have transferred to a California federal court where the chances that the lawsuit would be dismissed are rather high… too high, in fact.

In order to make that happen, Twitter’s lawyer, Amer Ahmed, attempted to make the case that O’Keefe would seek legal damages, which would guarantee the move to the California court, but O’Keefe had a different idea in mind according to Project Veritas:

Twitter’s lawyer, Amer Ahmed, made the argument that O’Keefe would seek over $75,000 in damages to “punish” Twitter, assuming that O’Keefe is looking for money instead of justice. Ahmed was convinced that this would guarantee the case transfer to a California federal court.

The Twitter attorney quickly learned that O’Keefe does not prioritize monetary gain over the pursuit of justice, thereby undermining the basis to move the lawsuit to federal court.

O’Keefe is looking forward to the opportunity of conducting discovery on Twitter and finding out who were the responsible parties within the Big Tech company involved in the decision to suspend his account and issue the defamatory reasoning for doing so.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other executives may be deposed in this case and forced to answer for the defamation perpetrated against O’Keefe.


In other words, O’Keefe has his sites set a bit higher than money. He wants to drag Twitter executives into the light and make them answer for their actions in front of cameras.

O’Keefe explained that they’d never been confronted by anyone who didn’t want money and that the turn of events left them wholly unprepared.

“In court, they were thrown for a loop,” explained O’Keefe.

With the case back in New York, Twitter has lost one of its biggest assets in the “dismissal-prone judges in their backyard” as O’Keefe explained.

O’Keefe ends by asking what it is that Twitter is so afraid of, but hints that they have every reason to be afraid thanks to some information they’ve gathered, including more video footage.




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