Dan Bongino Lists Three Things Threatening America the Most, and Republicans Should Listen

Dan Bongino Lists Three Things Threatening America the Most, and Republicans Should Listen
Peter Morgan

Fox News host Dan Bongino has something Republicans should be listening to going into the midterm elections, and it’s the top three things that are the most concerning to Americans today.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, the former police officer turned show host made it clear that America is being attacked on multiple fronts that need to be brought out into the open.

“There are three big, huge threats to America right now,” Bongino told the Fox and Friends crew. “Critical race theory, China and the war on cops.”

He went on to describe how to advance the agenda of all three, beginning by turning the people on police officers.

“I mean, once you get Americans to hate each other for all kinds of superficial characteristics like race and you create the chaos, the best way to allow the chaos to continue to brew is to engage in a war on cops and stop them from enforcing the law.”

“It’s really a disgrace,” Bongino said. “Liberalism is a forest fire right now, destroying America piece by piece, and we can’t let it continue.”

It’s these three things that Democrats have more or less embraced and, in the case of critical race theory and defunding the police, push on Americans through force and intimidation.

Bongino is correct in his assessment. Depleting trust and goodwill toward the very people you rely on to keep your community in a state of law and order has a ripple effect that can cause people to seek unrealistic solutions and put their faith in the wrong people.

Critical race theory and defunding the police, for instance, are highly intertwined. It’s easy to believe Marxist propaganda like CRT when you’ve convinced minority Americans that the system is slanted against them, and they use claims of constant police brutality against them as evidence. They then tell everyone that defunding the police will solve this problem but it only makes things worse. This is good for the left as it helps these claims that the odds are stacked against them thrive as the increase in crime causes communities to suffer.

The end result is people are fooled into believing that America truly is a racist nation that hates minority communities as told to them by people who teach CRT. Buying into this hook and sinker, they move into looking for solutions and that’s when the Marxists teaching them CRT suggests doing away with America’s current system and implementing one they deem as more “equal and fair.”

China would love nothing more than for America to be more receptive to communist control. It spends a great deal of time and money seeing to it that American media paints it as an almost infallible country whose government only does the right thing at all times. The mere suggestion that it could do wrong becomes laughed at by mainstream media figures and anyone suggesting otherwise is publicly denounced.

For instance, the mere suggestion by Rand Paul or Tucker Carlson that the COVID-19 virus could have been lab-created in China earned them both massive backlash from the media. They were, in the end, proven to be correct.

Going forward, Americans are going to see these as major concerns. The defund the police movement affects people at the community level, China affects us on both the economic and media levels, and CRT’s effects are felt in the home as pushes for it are made by both bosses and college professors.

Republicans should lean into denouncing these things and making sure people understand that voting for them is only empowering the United States in its resistance to these Marxist entities.

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