"What Do They Have to Hide?": Republican Officials Kept Out of DEA Border Facility With No Explanation

If you want answers as to where your taxpayer dollars are going and how they’re being used, the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t seem to want to tell you much as they refused entry to a Republican delegation that ventured down to a DEA border facility for some answers.


According to Fox News, 12 Republican officials took a trip to El Paso, Texas, where they were restricted from entering. The visit wasn’t even a surprise one as Republicans had reportedly been attempting to gain access to the facility for weeks. According to the lawmakers, this lack of access was a decision made by the Biden administration and it’s an illegal decision at that as Biden is stopping them from their “constitutional duty to have oversight over these facilities that are paid for by taxpayer dollars.”

“All I can say is, I don’t know what they have to hide,” Texas Rep. Brian Babin told Fox News reporter Sara Carter. “For some reason, we were not allowed in. I can only imagine what is it that they want to hide and not show the very representatives of the American people that have oversight over this facility that fund it and that authorize it. What don’t they want us to see?”

“This is not something we surprised them with,” added California Rep. Mike Garcia. “We’ve been trying to get in there for a couple of weeks and it’s coming from the top. It’s Coming from the White House. They don’t want us to see what it is. You can make a conjecture about why they won’t let us in there. In my opinion, they have data they are gathering at this intelligence center which clearly indicates that our open borders are actually a more serious than the average American understands right now.”


“I would have liked to have the opportunity to visit with the FBI and the agents there to learn more about what the drug cartels are doing and what strategy we’re employing to stop them,” said Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler, “but we were denied that opportunity.”

There must be something going on there that Democrats don’t want seen, not just because they’re restricting access to Republican elected officials but because this restriction is getting no media coverage from mainstream sources. If it was a Democrat delegation being refused access by a Republican administration, there would be wall-to-wall coverage with experts and talking heads pummeling every talking point half to death.

So far, only Fox News seems to have this story running and if the left-leaning media is actively avoiding it then something is definitely going on. That’s the pattern at least.

It’s all speculation at this point, but Republicans should utilize the power given to them by the people to pull on this thread as much as possible and get down to the bottom of things.


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