"Sanctimonious Tool": Meghan McCain Goes Beast Mode on the Cuomo Brothers as "The View" Defends Them

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While the leftist media is being somewhat careful of their critique of Chris Cuomo and his helping his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with advice and instruciton during his sexual harassment scandals, Meghan McCain of The View is cutting through the crap and saying what her colleagues won’t.


After CNN’s Ana Navarro made Chris Cuomo out to be a guy who had to make a hard decision and took responsibility for his actions, questions for commentary got thrown to McCain who let the Cuomo brothers have it with both barrels.

“Well, I think it’s really hypocritical and as Ana pointed out, we’re all in positions where we work in media and politics, and we have to talk about people that we love.”

“Quite frankly, if my dad had been accused of sexual assault I would be talking about it on The View because I’m not a snowflake, and I’m not Chris Cuomo,” she continued. “And I, too, love my family and love my dad, but there’s no crying in baseball. This is the job we signed up for. If you can’t hack it, you should do something else.”

McCain pointed out that Chris was having Andrew on his show almost every night, yucking it up with giant q-tip props while people in nursing homes were dying from the governor’s irresponsible decisions to put COVID-positive patients with healthy people. This included the in-laws of one of McCain’s friends, Janice Dean.

McCain went on to refer to Cuomo as a “macabre ghoul” while he gets a slight slap on the wrist with full job security for sexually assaulting numerous women.

She then launched after the CNN anchor.

“But I think Chris Cuomo is a sanctimonious tool,” she said. “And I think the fact that he’s acting like he’s just too precious to talk about his brother — I too have family in politics. It’s tough.”


“I would talk about them on air, and I have when it’s hard. Grow up,” she added.

Joy Behar attempted to turn the tables by saying that Fox News’s Sean Hannity would advise Donald Trump, but McCain wasn’t having it.

“Fox is above board about it. They talk about it. Chris Cuomo pretending like he wasn’t. He got caught. That’s the difference,” McCain said.

Joy then attempted to say that if McCain found herself in the same position, she’d do the same thing as Cuomo. Again, McCain matter-of-factly slapped that argument down.

“Yeah, but I’m going to be woman about it enough to talk about it on the show because that’s what I’m paid to do because I’m paid to be on TV to talk about the news,” McCain said, “and if my family’s in the news, even if they did something bad if my brother was accused of sexual assault or killing old people, I would talk about it on The View.”

“I’d say this is really hard, but he should be held accountable and apparently that’s too much for Chris Cuomo to do, and for CNN to hold him accountable to do, which is the difference between CNN and me,” she added.


As RedState covered earlier, Cuomo made an apology on-air about being in on a conference call, advising his brother on how to handle the sexual harassment/assault allegations made by several women against him and reportedly telling him not to resign. Once that story got out, CNN called it “inappropriate” but that Cuomo wouldn’t face any discipline.

This is clearly media malpractice and McCain is correct in calling out the fact that Cuomo was consistently there to prop his brother up and make him seem like a hero, but suddenly recused himself and would say nothing of the various scandals the New York governor found himself in, all the while advising him in the background.

McCain’s assessment is spot on.


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