I Was Right About Joe Biden Years Ago When I Made an Animated Series Starring Him, I Just Didn't Know How Right

I Was Right About Joe Biden Years Ago When I Made an Animated Series Starring Him, I Just Didn't Know How Right
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Years ago, when I was at the head of a group called Misfit Politics, I decided I wanted to release a cartoon in the same vein as South Park called “Merica.” The idea was to center around the then Obama administration, mainly focusing on Barack, Michelle, and Joe Biden, and with other characters including George Soros and an unnamed “Agent” to be the American every-man.

While he had released shorts that mainly centered around Michelle, I wanted to move the toons into a more serialized territory with a cast of characters and an ever-developing world. As the gun-control push from the Obama admin reached its zenith and Biden was put in charge to lead the task force in real-life America, I wrote the first script for my world, “Merica.” While the entire cast of characters was there, I wanted one of the main focuses to be Biden.

I did that because, to me, it appeared that while I could make caricatures out of the real-life Obamas, Biden already seemed to be a cartoon character without help. His instructions to his wife to walk outside with a shotgun and fire two blasts into the air to scare away any intruders that came into the home seemed so ridiculous that it bordered on being an SNL skit.

While I wrote all the characters to have their ridiculous traits highlighted, a lot of Biden’s weirdness were things he had actually said or did. Even the character “Mouse” was based on Delaware NAACP president Richard “Mouse” Smith Biden, who called out during a speech one time with unintentional hilarity, causing me to make “Mouse” into a secondary character, but an actual mouse that Biden seems to have an attachment to and is more than it seems.

When I was writing Biden’s character, I was sure to make him look like the guy who failed upward. His real-life counterpart seemed to be a man of ignorant convictions and I turned that up to 11 in Merica. For what was deemed “The Gun Control Saga,” I put Biden into a position of having fallen into power, but the power was a delusion. He thought himself grand and in charge, but really it was a public perception helped along by the people above him. The character of Soros, which I wrote as the embodiment of the DNC and kind of a wink to the real George Soros’s work to empower the Democrats with money and narratives, was really the one pushing things for Biden along in the background until, at one point, it all got away from him.

The point I was making with “The Gun Control Saga” was that Biden may have been put in charge but he was just a prop. A ridiculous person to push a ridiculous anti-gun narrative that was actually a bid for more power over the people.

Sadly, Merica never caught on, but years later we’re kind of living in the surreal and ridiculous world I made as an attempt at a creative way to tell a poignant joke.

Yeah, Joe Biden’s the President, but he’s not in charge. He’s a stand-in for the unelected officials and DNC shot-callers who are actually running the show. Biden is just too ridiculous of a person, too doddering and inept to actually be the guy calling the shots. He was the safest bet for other people to get into positions of power, and so they pushed him over far more competent people. Biden was just at the right place at the right time and now he’s a mask more radical people wear to push radical agendas.

He is my characterization of him in Merica, only he doesn’t speak half as well.

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