Never Apologize to Them Again

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

If a Republican breathes out of his left nostril, you can expect CNN to have a 30-minute long segment about it that night featuring breathing experts, commentary from Democrat officials, and a monologue indicating why breathing out of one’s left nose hole has a long history in racism and fascism.

If the very next day, a Democrat breathes out of his left nostril, Democrats, the media, and even social media, will suddenly find themselves wholly uninterested in the horrors of breathing out of one’s left nostril and, instead, focus on what really matters, which is whatever’s next on the list of things they can hyperventilate about for political expedience.

There’s undeniable hypocrisy that the Democrats eat, sleep, and breathe by on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, the left will find a way to demonize their opponents for it and completely ignore the fact that they’re more than guilty of the very thing they’re outraged about.

After the Capitol riots happened, the left was in full-on finger-pointing mode. They demanded Parler answer for the crime of being the seedbed from which the plans for the riot came about. As a result, Parler servers were shut down, their app was taken out of stores, and more. All the while, it was actually Facebook that was the guilty party, but Facebook is far too valuable to the left, so nothing was done.

They also went after Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley as the inciters of the riots, yet neither of them actually encouraged any riots to happen. The left took speeches that Cruz gave and twisted his words to suit their narrative. In fact, during the riots, Cruz made it clear that anyone who did riot should be punished to the full extent of the law. Still, they blamed him for the riot with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going so far as to tweet that Cruz tried to have her killed.

Yet no Republican is advocating violence or destruction.

Democrats are, though. Ayanna Pressley once said that people should be taking it to the streets and that there should be “unrest in the streets so long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

Then there’s Maxine Waters, who is so guilty of encouraging violence and destruction that it’s a wonder why she hasn’t been censured at the very least. In truth, she should be thrown out of Congress for actively encouraging lawlessness and violence as she has.

First, Waters urged the left, if they find any Republicans hanging around, to create a crowd and intimidate them until they leave the area.

Now, this Saturday, she’s literally encouraging rioters to riot more if they don’t get the verdict they want when it comes to the Derek Chauvin trial.

If she were a Republican, Waters would have been on the front page of every news outlet being demonized. Social media would be on fire with trending phrases and subjects that would call for her immediate removal from Congress and immediate placement in prison. She’d be labeled everything from “traitor” to “insurrectionist” and used as an example of just how evil Republicans are from here to eternity.

Democrats have no right to ever accuse another Republican of doing evil. We’ve seen what the Black Lives Matter riots have done to neighborhoods, cities, and families. We’ve seen how Antifa treats anyone they view as an enemy whether they’re innocent or not. We’ve witnessed the destruction of black-owned businesses and black neighborhoods at the hands of BLM. We’ve watched innocent people die, including children because of these riots.

Yet Democrats encourage them, and when they aren’t encouraging them, they’re completely silent about them.

If Waters were a Republican, the entirety of the left would be demanding that every single Republican answer for what she did. They’d be demanding jail time for anyone on social media who even remotely agreed with Waters. There would be full-on investigations about it.

But she’s not. She’s a Democrat. She gets a pass. She can spew as much evil as she wants and the media will do what it needs to protect her. Her fellow Democrats will shrug off her calls for violence and even make excuses for them.

This is the Democrat Party. This is what we’re up against.

Never apologize for your side again. Not only because you’re an individual who doesn’t have to answer for every Tom, Dick, and Jane who calls themselves conservative, but because it’s clear that the left has no shame or conscience — just an overwhelming need to obtain power at any cost, especially if that cost is the country, and if the only way to get it is from the blood of innocents and the rubble of broken neighborhoods.

Never. Apologize. Again.


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