CNN Reaps What It Sows

Can we all take a moment to sit back and laugh as CNN is devoured by the monster it fed for so long?

As my colleague Nick Arama covered, CNN reporters were violently mobbed and driven out of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota by Black Lives Matter rioters. Violence against others in itself isn’t funny. It especially wasn’t funny when CNN decided to turn its back on those who were attacked and pretend it didn’t happen.

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This isn’t even the first time CNN has been attacked by Black Lives Matter rioters. You’ll recall that CNN headquarters in Atlanta was under siege by rioters after the death of George Floyd.

There’s an important lesson to be learned here, though, and it revolves around the aforementioned monster.

CNN spent the better part of a decade holding up Black Lives Matter as a holy organization that could do no wrong. Even when it was attacking CNN they wouldn’t say an ill word against them. They even went so far as to defend Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist group responsible for the destruction of entire neighborhoods, many of them black neighborhoods.

CNN fed this monster to the best of its ability and it’s a monster that grew in size and strength until it began consuming the nation. It was only a matter of time before it turned on CNN itself.

Black Lives Matter is more than an organization, it’s an ideal based on social justice. Social justice doesn’t recognize allies, only usefulness. No one is safe from it. Even the most ardent social justice warrior may suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs of their peers simply because they stepped out of line even a little. Those who outlive their usefulness are discarded, and those who stick around long enough somehow become the villain.

CNN is a hub of social justice propaganda. It will watch as one of its people will literally get hit on the side of the head with a full water bottle by a member of BLM causing him to collapse and it will still take no action against them or say one ill word of them in order to protect the monster that’s now consuming them.

But it’s more than just a problem for CNN. It’s a problem for all of us.

That monster’s purpose is to consume us all. Black Lives Matter has made it very clear that it wants to dismantle the American system so it can implement a Marxist one, and every time CNN protects and defends what is clearly a destructive and violent group that is out to hurt people they think disagree with them or believe deserve to suffer due to their skin color, CNN makes the problem that much worse.

CNN is literally defending racism, Marxism, violence, and lies with its unwillingness to report the truth.

While I don’t wish to see violence, I really do hope that Black Lives Matter is the thing that completely undoes CNN. That its lies are so obvious that more and more people continue to see it’s just a massive joke and tune out. While I know it will never fully disappear or go off the air, perhaps one day it’ll get so bad that a change of leadership is forced on the network and it actually begins to balance itself out.

Time will tell, but none of this can come soon enough.

CNN is a disease. One of the things we can actually point to and say “here is some of the cause of our country’s problems.” If it takes BLM to destroy it, then it’ll be proof that God works in mysterious ways.


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