The Democrats Are Lying About Guns on Purpose

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Today, President Joe Biden and the Democrats pushed the pedal down to the floor on falsehoods about guns. In a sane world, fact-checkers would be flying into action in order to call out Biden’s lies about firearms, but I’ll be surprised if we get so much as a “half-true” out of them.

I’m going to go through some of the lies he told using easily digestible tweets since the point I want to make isn’t countering his lies, which you’re going to see a tidal wave of on this site from other writers.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

What I want to direct your attention to isn’t just what they said, but the theme of their claims. What they all have in common is that they sound scary. “Ghost guns” and “AR-pistols” and “gun show checks,” oh my! Something needs to be done!

If you’re wondering why the Biden administration would rattle off easily disprovable claims to the point that even telling the lies is absurd, it’s because the aim wasn’t truthfulness, it was the aforementioned sensationalism. They made it as scary as possible because it’s fear that will help grease the wheels for anti-gun legislation down the road. It’ll lessen the resistance from Americans if they truly believe that Joe McWhitesupremacist can just walk into a gun show and walk out with a small arsenal with zero background check or oversight.

To be clear, they’re intentionally lying to the American people in order to scare them into compliance. It’s much easier to strip God-given rights when the people who have them are literally asking for it to happen.

To be sure, many Americans are going to go along with it. You can show them that what Biden and his cohorts are saying are complete falsehoods, but it won’t matter. They want the Biden administration’s claims to be true. They want to believe that gun shows are free-for-alls. They want to think that AR-15s can be concealed in your pants. They want to believe that gun manufacturers can’t be sued for anything.

Believing these things makes it easier for them to lie to themselves. Knowing that a government body is confirming their bias makes believing this reality they’ve concocted that much easier to live in. The government, likewise, loves the fact that their lie can be so easily believed because it gives them footsoldiers capable of spreading lies and sensationalizing during arguments to make those defending their rights look irresponsible or, even better, completely heartless and evil.

What we’re looking at here is self-induced brainwashing. The wish that the situation really was that bad so that the government would have a legitimate reason to step in and make them safer. What’s more, it’s a chance to finally put those people whom they consider evil and heartless in their place, and serve them a devastating loss regardless of whether they deserve it in reality.

Governmental authoritarians are only too happy to serve up the fear and sensationalism to feed the spite, fears, and feeling of do-goodery to the authoritarians who wish to be authoritative over others.

Despotic governments are infamous for ruling through fear, but ruling through fear isn’t just relegated to governments with totalitarian control. In a free-ish nation such as ours, ruling through fear isn’t done through enforcement of laws, it’s done through a willing media with an ideological bent to authority.

The Democrats are attempting to rule in this way. It’s not likely that the Biden administration will be called out for its lies. In fact, you’re about to see a rollout of “facts” and “figures” that play with numbers in order to make the Biden administration’s claims fit.

This is only confirmation that the Democrat Party’s need to rule by fiat is real and that if they could, you wouldn’t have any rights.


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