Conservatives Practice Equality Far More Than Leftists Says Science

Conservatives Practice Equality Far More Than Leftists Says Science
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Every now and again, science will catch up to what is plainly written on the wall.

For instance, it’s pretty clear that when it comes to acceptance and tolerance, American conservatives tend to exhibit these qualities far more than their leftist counterparts. Conservatives are more willing to debate and be friendly while leftists have a very rigid, to near-religious zealotry about their positions. Leftists will “cancel” anything they deem to come up short of their lofty ideals while conservatives promote free speech for everyone.

One of the biggest virtues the left claims it has is its dedication to “equality.” It goes on and on about how diversity is a strength and that “fair treatment” is a goal it works towards in every aspect of our culture. Conservatives know this to be false as “equality” is only acceptable if some groups are more “equal” than others. For instance, a Christian man would be forced to violate his religious beliefs if a specific group demanded him to do so if the left had their way. A Muslim man, however, would not be asked to violate his religious beliefs upon any group asking him to do so.

We know it, and now the scientific community is slowly getting to know this fact as well.

According to Psychology Today, recent studies have shown that when it comes to things like equality, it’s conservatives, not leftists, who practice it more:

So, consistent with liberals’ self-reported support for equality, do they treat people and groups more equally than conservatives? Several recent studies over the past few years cast doubt on this proposition.

Scholars test for unequal treatment (sometimes also called bias) by presenting participants with identical or very similar stimuli (for example, a scientific finding, a resume) and manipulating whom or which group that piece of information is about (for example, a scientific finding about men or women, a resume for a Black or a White job applicant), and then having participants evaluate the piece of information. To the extent that people treat the stimuli differently in the different sex or race conditions, this is considered unequal treatment or a bias. If people rated a male candidate as more qualified for a job than a female candidate with the exact same resume, this would be considered an unequal treatment or bias in favor of men (or against women).

Recent experiments and quasi-experiments of this kind suggest that, at least sometimes, it is liberals who tend to treat information and people more unequally on the basis of sex, race, and group status.

Evaluations that favor or disfavor some groups

For example, two sets of studies by two different research teams found that participants evaluated science on sex differences more favorably when women were portrayed more favorably than men (as better drawers and less prone to lying and as more intelligent) than when men were portrayed more favorably than women. In both of these sets of studies, these tendencies were stronger as participants were more politically liberal.

Similarly, in a more naturalistic study on Twitter, liberals were more likely to amplify the successes of female and Black athletes than male and White athletes, whereas conservatives treated the successes of groups more similarly. In another set of studies, White liberals presented less self-competence to Black than White interaction partners, whereas White conservatives treated Black and White interaction partners more similarly. And in another set, liberals had stronger desires to censor passages that portrayed low-status groups unfavorably than identical passages that portrayed high-status groups unfavorably, whereas conservatives treated the passages more comparably.

This isn’t a fully comprehensive study, but it does point to the simple fact that when it comes to fair treatment, you’re more likely going to get that under conservatism than leftism.

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