Twitch Partner Goes On Insanely Racist Rant, Declares "White Lives Don't Matter"

Twitch Partner Goes On Insanely Racist Rant, Declares "White Lives Don't Matter"

The most popular live streaming platform for gaming known as “Twitch” featured one of their partners on their front page who, upon further inspection, had gone on a horrifically racist rant against white people. Now the streamer is claiming that calling him out on his racism is racism itself.

Omega Jones, known by his handle “Critical Bard,” was live streaming on Monday after being highlighted by Twitch itself. Viewers bringing up past public statements he had made where Jones had gone on a “white lives don’t matter” rant where he invalidated the idea that there is even such a thing as “white people.”

Twitch had recently taken down a popular emote due to the person it was based on had made unacceptable comments about the Capitol Hill riot according to Twitter, and had replaced the emote with Jones. When they called both Jones and Twitch out on this, Jones claimed it wasn’t the same.

“Totally not the same,” said Jones during the stream. “I’m not condemning an entire people and defending insurrectionists and people who did some headassery. I’m saying that when you say, “white lives matter” they don’t and I’ll say that again whether I’m a Twitch Partner or not just so you know. “White lives” don’t matter because “white lives” aren’t a thing.”

“You can be proud of being Italian. You can be proud of being Scottish. You cannot be proud of being ‘white’, it’s not a thing,” said Jones.

“On the flip side, black folk have to say, “black lives matter” because we were stolen from a country that we loved and were forced to be here stripped of our heritage and our identities all we know is our ‘blackness’,” he continued. “There’s a difference between saying “black lives matter” and “white lives matter.”

People came to Jones’s defense, claiming that what he was saying wasn’t racist, but tweets brought up from earlier in 2020 prove otherwise. In some of his tweets, he declared that he didn’t care about “white feelings” and that

Jones seems to be proud of his racist stances and tweeted them out in a collage, declaring he stands by them.

Jones seems to think he’s the victim of racist attacks, however. According to him, his words were twisted to make him appear as the villain.

The bottom line is that he is the villain. What Jones said is at worst highly racist and bigoted and at best incredibly hypocritical. His ideas that racism can’t exist against white people is a product of shallow thinking born out of bigotry and taught to people at universities.

Those who subscribe to the belief that you can’t be racist to white people see things through the lens of who is in power. They believe white people hold all the power on Earth and thus any “racism” against white people is just “prejudice.” In order to be racist one must have power and prejudice.

It’s an asinine idea and if you strip away the social justice coat of paint they put over it you’ll see that it’s just an attempt at justifying hatred and bigotry toward a race. Jones is a racist whether he wants to admit it or not.

But Jones is just a fraction of the problem.

The real problem lies with the fact that Twitch had all this information on their hands and still selected him to be highlighted. It’s also highly doubtful that he’ll lose his partner status for this kind of rant. This kind of favoritism is only going to spur more racism as those who hold that kind of bigotry and hate in their heart will only become more emboldened.

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