UFC President Dana White Defends Gina Carano, Bash's UFC Reporter's Ridiculous Hot Take In the Process

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UFC President Dana White has never been shy about speaking his mind on matters from actual fighting to political fighting. In a recent interview, White was asked about recently fired actress Gina Carano of “The Mandalorian” and unlike the cowards at Disney, White took her side.


Not only that, he slammed a ridiculous take from one of the UFC journalists on the matter. “Leave her alone. We make mistakes, we all make mistakes,” White said. “For everybody to go in on her…I love how Ariel Helwani made it all about him, such a douche.”

Helwani, the person White is referring to, is ESPN’s top UFC reporter who attacked Carano in an Instagram post, saying that the post that got Carano fired offended him due to the fact that he himself is Jewish.

“As a Jewish person, and as a human being, it just doesn’t sit well,” he said. “And I wish she would have never posted that. And quite frankly I wish someone would have talked to her about her social media posts over the past year. Some of them not even political. Just in general, they felt off to me. I am sorry she has gone down this path.”

The post in question from Carano was a warning that dehumanizing people for their beliefs made life for Jewish people in Nazi Germany hard before they were ever rounded up by the Nazis. It caused their own neighbors to verbally and physically abuse them. Carano compared that behavior to the way many on the left were dehumanizing conservatives and libertarians today and was effectively warning America not to go down that path.


For that, Disney fired her, calling her post “abhorrent.”

However, it wasn’t that long ago that Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal posted something very similar, only his post compared “kids in cages,” the current ongoing anti-Trump narrative at that time, to Jewish people in concentration camps. Pascal has not been fired, however.

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