The Babylon Bee Releases Hilarious Cartoon That Puts Gavin Newsom to Shame

The Babylon Bee is arguably the most popular satire site in America, being one of the few conservative-minded outlets that do satire very, very well. Its latest cartoon once again focuses on California Governor Gavin Newsom, who’s suddenly good with opening up California now that a recall election is banging down his proverbial door.

That cartoon features a toon-ified Newsom roaming around a very empty and destroyed California, personally giving the good news of California’s reopening to what happens to be a ghost town, some of which is still on fire.

As Gavin Newsom tells piles of bones that they can go to work now, a narrator assures you that Newsom made the right decision about the lockdowns in response to COVID-19.

“We are all in his debt,” the narrator says as Gavin asks for a high-five from an empty street.

At the end of the video, the narrator informs you that this campaign video was paid for by “Gavin Newsom’s campaign to not recall Gavin Newsom but instead consider him a viable option for president in 2024.”

Newsom’s plan to reopen to California literally came about the day it was announced that the recall effort against him had reached 1.2 million of the 1.5 million necessary to trigger the ballot.

It’s clearly a naked attempt to save his job, or more accurately, his shot at running for President in the near future, but it has Californians asking whether or not the lockdowns were necessary at all. If Newsom can lift it in order to save his job, was it absolutely necessary for 2.8 million people to lose theirs?

As I explain in my latest video, the answer to that is “no.”

The Bee’s joke about an empty California isn’t all that off either. PJ Media reported that so many people have abandoned California that it’s under threat of losing a congressional seat. Between the fires, the high cost of living, and the “sunshine tax” that plague Californians, seeking greener pastures isn’t just the wise thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.

We’re witnessing a gold-rush reversal as we speak.