From GamerGate to the Stock Market Revolt: How the Elite Fall Before the Unlikely

Richard Vogel

Somewhere right now, a 20-something-year-old guy is setting down his controller in between rounds of Call of Duty to pick up his phone and opening up an app to check on how his GameStop stock is doing. It’s his day off from his job and he’s spending it gaming, binging Netflix, and stuffing his face with junk food.


He, like many people around his age group, is a pretty standard sight in today’s society with a clear exception. This average guy is a hero, and he’s bringing down some of the most powerful and corrupt people in our society right there from his couch, in between Warzone matches.

He’s taking part in a revolt against the elite of our society who have been controlling the stock market and robbing untold Americans of their hard-earned cash. A stock may begin to go up and so these elites who have bet against the stock will have their media cronies announce that the stock is about to crash, causing a mass sell-off of the stock resulting in it plummeting.

It’s a way to get rich and stay rich, and with that wealth, they can pay off whoever they need to in other sectors of our society in order to keep the good times rolling.

However, this average guy on his couch is flipping the script. He and his peers have purchased GameStop stock, a company on a very long downswing, forcing the stock to elevate against the wishes of hedge fund managers and elitists across America. With “diamond hands” they’re holding strong and the elite, desperate to maintain power, are going to great lengths to halt their losses.

Even if it means playing dirty.

America’s most popular stock trading app, Robinhood, halted any ability to purchase GameStop stock but did allow the selling off of the stock in hopes that it would force it to go down. The blowback was immediate and devastating. Even politicians like Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez both agreed that the manipulation by Robinhood and its financial backers needed to be investigated.


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As of this writing, Melvin Capital Management, a hedge fund banking on the GameStop loss, has lost 53 percent of its value in a month, totaling out to some $3.5 billion. The company had to be bailed out by Citadel, but the bleeding hasn’t stopped at all.

It’s a story that will go down in history as an example of how the little guy brought the elite to their knees and there was very little the elite could do about it.

It’s reminiscent of another event that took place five years ago.

The cultural war known as “GamerGate” very much mimicked what’s happening with Wall Street now. The establishment wanted to take over the direction of one of the largest subculture in the world; the gaming community. It began introducing social justice concepts, calling certain games or even the communities around them racist, sexist, or whatever they needed in order to paint them as the bad guy.

In order to avoid bad press and get on the good side of history, companies began hiring social justice advisors who would help oversee the creation of products. Worse, the mainstream gaming press began handing out good reviews to games that had unethically earned them.

It all came to a head when a Kotaku journalist gave coverage to a game developer he had been in a sexual relationship with. This relationship occurred behind the back of the developer’s boyfriend who exposed the entire scandal in a tell-all piece. A furor began to arise from gamers who began calling for more ethics in games journalism, only to be greeted by games journalists writing pieces about how gamers were no longer an audience anyone needed to pay attention to.


At this point, mainstream journalists likely thought that this would be the end of it. They may have thought gamers were too lazy or inept to really fight back. Supremacy in the gaming industry would be held by the social justice left and it would be one more stage by which to transform the west from.

Only that didn’t happen. Gamers retaliated and fought back. Individuals from both sides of the political aisle, different races, creeds, religions, sexuality, gender, and more came together and pushed back on the elitist takeover of their favorite hobby.

This group of people was given the name “GamerGate” by those who participated in the revolt and the war began.

Citizen journalists, thought leaders, and more rose up and began fighting against the mainstream elitist takeover. Further corruption was outed, and as more people took part in the revolt, businesses began to distance themselves from outlets participating in and even encouraging further corruption. These outlets, in return, began to go under.

The mainstream media did what they could to fight back using the usual tactics. They attempted to paint GamerGate as a white supremacist movement, but this triggered a secondary movement to arise called “Not Your Shield” which consisted of minorities, women, and members of the LGBT community telling the world that the mainstream media doesn’t speak for them and that they supported the GamerGate cause.


When that didn’t work, they tried telling everyone that those in “Not Your Shield” were sock puppets accounts controlled by white men, but by that time, the accusations fell flat.

The entire war resulted in the elitist left’s first big cultural loss and to this day, GamerGate’s effects are still seen. Many mainstream outlets are a shadow of their former selves having been reduced to nothing but hard-left blabber from hard-left writers that is hardly read by anyone. Social justice leftists still write articles on big-name sites attempting to link GamerGate to whatever boogieman they’re trying to get you to be afraid of today.

At one point, even Donald Trump was blamed on GamerGate.

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It’s a movement that still haunts the left to this day. It’s a loss they can’t seem to get over and will take every opportunity they can to rewrite history to make it seem as if the people who took part in GamerGate were the super-villains they claimed all along.

Only they weren’t.

Like GamerGate, the Wall Street Revolt consists of average, everyday people of all stripes coming together to push those who would abuse their money and power back into irrelevancy. Many of these people may go completely unknown and most would prefer it that way, but they won at a game that elites have been manipulating and winning for decades.


Rest assured, this revolt will likely be talked about just like GamerGate was. Elites in control of media outlets will attempt to rewrite history to make it seem as if a bunch of very bad people did a lot of damage to innocent Americans, but these Americans will know the truth, and the truth is a very clear message that the elites would do well to learn.

Don’t mess with Americans.


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