We're Told No One Is "for Abortion" but This Video Tells Us the Truth

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

“No one is FOR abortion” we’re told repeatedly by abortion advocates in response to pro-lifers bringing up the excitement and happiness pro-abortionists seem to have when the prospect of killing a child is broached.


Yet, the reaction given when killing a child was approved of by the Argentinian government shows us that they’re more than just “for” abortion, they straight-up revel in it.

Watch the video below of people reacting in the streets once abortion was legalized in the country.

The idea of killing a child for any reason should be a prospect that would make anyone feel as if a tragedy occurred (mostly because it did) but these people in Argentina are acting as if they were just liberated from an invading army’s occupation.

In their minds, it’s likely they believe that. These people believe they are now free to do with their bodies as they want.

They fail to realize that it’s not just their bodies they’re affecting. The primary body they’re dealing with is their own child, and they’re killing it. This is apparently something to jump for joy over.


This attitude isn’t just relegated to Argentina.

Watch as these Planned Parenthood supporters brag about their love of abortions and even go so far as to sing things such as “hey, hey, what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground.”

Pro-abortionists can attempt to convince us that they too don’t like abortion during arguments all day, but the truth is that killing a child is something they have no qualms about and have been known to celebrate. If this truly was about the freedom of individuals to do as they wish with their bodies then why doesn’t that extend to the child as the individual?

There is no real freedom being achieved here. It’s just murder in an attempt to release yourself from the obligations brought on by your own choices.

Besides, the ghoulish behavior of pro-abortionists in the face of pro-life opposition — or when they get what they want — is enough to tell us what they truly think about the concept of killing a child in the womb.


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