Here's Why You Can Never Trust the Social Justice Community

Here's Why You Can Never Trust the Social Justice Community

What we call “social justice” is popularly thought to be the elevation of “marginalized” groups such as minorities, women, LGBT, and whoever else the social justice advocates claim to speak for that day. It’s a mask for what it really is.

The social justice movement is, first and foremost, an ideological movement meant to destabilize the United States in an effort to implement systems that lean more to the left like socialism. Social justice demands its adherents see the world through a very narrow, black, and white lens where the powerful and rich are always evil and the poor and non-white are always good.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances and nuances are not a factor. It’s a very rigid world view that cannot be deviated from in any way.

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This can cause some very unstable views, and those unstable views result in unstable people. If you ever thought the hard-left was a rather bizarre bunch who dress and act like grown children, it’s because they’re suffering under one of the most untenable and fear-inducing ideologies there is.

It recognizes no loyalties, either. You may be a celebrated member of the social justice community one day, and a pariah being canceled the next. The only heroes are usually criminals, socialists, and terrorists. Doing good work for the community and actually improving people’s lives isn’t enough to earn you any respect.

Case in point, San Francisco is a city rife with social justice ideologues who now run the city. At this time, the city is looking to rename many of its schools due to the fact that the people they’re named after fell short when it came to its appreciation or help of the black community.

These names include Democrat Diane Feinstein, founding father George Washington, and most bizarrely of all, Abraham Lincoln, the president who led a war that freed the slaves. According to the New York Post, San Francisco’s social justice advocates believe that Lincoln wasn’t woke enough:

San Francisco may remove Abraham Lincoln’s name from a high school, because a district committee says the 16th president — who abolished slavery — did not demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him.”

Lincoln is one of dozens of historical figures who the city school district’s renaming committee argued led lives so rife with racism, oppression or abuse that their names should not grace its buildings, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“The discussion for Lincoln centered around his treatment of First Nation peoples, because that was offered first,” Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the renaming committee and a first-grade teacher, told the paper. “Once he met criteria in that way, we did not belabor the point.”

He continued: “The history of Lincoln and Native Americans is complicated, not nearly as well known as that of the Civil War and slavery,” according to the paper.

“Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building,” Jeffries said.

“Uprooting the problematic names and symbols that currently clutter buildings, streets, throughout the city is a worthy endeavor,” he added. “Only good can come from the public being reflective and intentional about the power of our words, names and rhetoric within our public institutions.”

The issue of Lincoln hanging the Sioux warriors is more complicated than Jeffries is letting on, as NYP’s Yaron Steinbuch writes.

“Lincoln also oversaw the hanging of 38 warriors after a Sioux uprising in Minnesota, after he reviewed the legal cases against the 303 men sentenced to death. He saved the lives of 265 of them,” he wrote.

The fact that Lincoln is one of the presidents to do the most ever done for the benefit of the black community, certainly more than anyone of his critics in the social justice community has ever done, he made a singular mistake in the eyes of the social justice obsessed and as such is now canceled.

This is the same social justice community that shrugs off innocent death due to the riots done in the name of their ideology.

For the social justice community, Lincoln’s true crime isn’t the death of the Sioux warriors. Lincoln’s true crime was keeping the United States together and elevating it in one of its darkest hours. That, for the social justice left, is an unforgivable sin.

It doesn’t matter that slaves were freed, or that the United States would go on to become the most prosperous, free, and equal countries the planet has ever seen. It doesn’t matter that black people would go on to become superstars, billionaires, and even hold office in the White House thanks to Lincoln. He helped America succeed and that can’t be forgiven.

The social justice advocates put politics first above all things, even the lives they claim to care about.

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