The Morse Code Ep. 40: The Secession Conversation

The idea of secession has been floating around more and more lately, and not just by Texas this time. Apparently, it’s on the mind of people from both sides of the aisle.

The fact is, the two ideologies that exist in the United States cannot coexist and so many are wondering if it wouldn’t be better for their respective states to break off to form their own nation or a nation with other states that have broken off for the same reason. One leftist, in particular, decided to create a map and labeled the north areas taken by the left (including Canada) the United States of Canada, and the Republicans with all the midwest and southern states as “Jesusland.”

In today’s episode of The Morse Code, I discuss this secession idea and one of the ideas that has caused some of us on the right to wish to separate ourselves from the left territorially before something bad happens.

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