To the VIP Subscribers, Thank You

Brandon Morse

I want to take a moment to thank subscribers both new and old.

I was put in charge of the VIP program for RedState last year and it’s been a hard road. When COVID hit, we were hit as well. Hiring extra people got put on the back burner and I was left to write VIP articles alone. On top of that, I was tasked with doing a podcast every Friday and two videos every month.

On top of all of that, I was writing front-page stories for non-VIP subscribers. I was effectively doing the work of three different people.

The workload can be heavy, but weighing heavier on my mind was the fact that people wouldn’t bother to read the things I wrote, listen to the podcasts, or watch the videos because no one would see the value in subscribing. After months of hard work, I can say that I’m more than ecstatic to learn that you have.

You, the VIP subscribers, have made it all worth it. On a personal level, I can’t think you enough for your continued support.

I also can’t thank you enough on a business level either.

We’ve added some real talent since then. Scott Hounsell’s expertise in polling and voter fraud has been invaluable. Becca Lower and Jennifer O’Connell’s commentary on current events has been a real pleasure to read. The team is slowly growing and it’s all thanks to your subscriptions.

Most importantly, as you know, RedState isn’t exactly friendly with big tech, and they don’t particularly like us either. They don’t like it when we call them out when they lie or highlight the things they do to harm conservatives. We’ve been censored, threatened, and punished for our transgression of wrong-think. We’ve watched as other sites have been punished for daring to run stories contrary to the approved narrative big tech decided for us.

The VIP program was created in response to the fact that RedState, and indeed all Townhall properties, were just one “mistake” away from having our revenue effectively reduced to nothing as one or several tech companies decided we were no longer welcome on their platforms, or eligible to take part in their revenue programs.

As more and more people sign up for the VIP program, the fear that we will be silenced dissipates. As the subscriptions mount, their power over us fades.

I want to keep defying the narrative and writing on the truth when they feel it necessary to lie. I, and my colleagues, want to keep asking the questions they don’t want us to ask when they decide we can only believe their “truth.”

Your subscriptions, and continued loyalty, allow us to do this. The more you stand by us, the taller we stand.

As we continue pushing forward into what is going to be a tough next four years, our reliance on each other will be deeper than ever. We will continue to provide thought-provoking writing, hard-hitting stories, and the commentary you’ve come to know and love with zeal, and we’ll do so knowing that if they come for us, we’ll be fine. We’ll be fine because RedState readers and VIP subscribers are holding us up. We’ll continue to be one of the largest thorns in the side of authoritarians, social justice warriors, crazed activists, liars, and cheats.

The idea that we’re going to push forward like this together is an exciting idea, and once again, I can’t thank you enough for this.

This is the greatest job I’ve ever had and it’s all thanks to you.

God bless you.

— Brandon

P.S. Promo code “Morse” for a discount in case anybody you know wants to sign up themselves. Tell them about it when your house is filled with well over 10 people during this Christmas season.


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