It's Time for a Hollywood Renaissance

(Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

The time period known as “The Renaissance” brought about enlightenment on many levels, including social and educational, but one of the most well-known revolutionary occurrences was in the arts.

Rennaisance art and invention went hand in hand as the west went from the middle ages to modernity. New things were tried, new philosophies considered, and what was created out of this is, to this day, still considered some of the greatest pieces of art known to mankind.

It seems to me we need that for the United States and, moreover, for Hollywood.

Right now, the United States — and the west in general — seem to have a lot of the problems those in the middle ages used to have. A very deep ignorance seems to have gripped the populace and it’s given over to reacting to things rather than thinking things out rationally. Like the mob accusing the woman of being a witch in Monty Python, they’ll come after you with even the lightest of suspicion, and if they have no evidence, they’ll fabricate a figurative witch’s nose and put it on you anyway.

This general ignorance and willingness to act on it with unbelievably arrogant confidence is exhibited even more in Hollywood where even giving off any hint of disagreement to the hard-left will get you mobbed and canceled.

In just the past few weeks, we’ve watched Chris Pratt, Gina Carano, and Letitia Wright get mangled for disagreeing with the mainstream in some capacity. Pratt for his religious beliefs, Carano for her political beliefs, and Wright because she said “hey, I want to know more about this vaccine that they’re saying I should inject into my body before I do it.”

In terms of how we handle situations, Hollywood and our society have returned to the dark ages.

I’m focusing on Hollywood for a reason. Any of my loyal readers will know that in terms of deciding how our culture leans, Hollywood has the reins. It’s done more to influence generations of Americans than we would care to admit and, unless a renaissance happens, it will continue to do so for the worse.

There needs to be new enlightenment in Hollywood and, in order for that to happen, we need people who are willing to step forward and enlighten it. People like Matthew McConaughey who has such a fascinating view on life and, on top of that, a willingness to go against the Hollywood grain when necessary as he did just recently when he called out Hollywood’s hypocrisy about the election.

McConaughey has gravity, gotten by years spent winning the hearts of many. Breaking out of old habits is rough but if someone you trust is convincing enough about the fact that you should, then you can bet they will.

We need more McConaugheys. We need to support them. We need more Pratts and Caranos. They need to know that when they speak out, we’ll have their backs. We’ll go see their movies and watch their shows. Not just because they agree with us but because they’re talented and deserve the eyeballs we give them for their hard work.

It’s going to be rough at first, but over time, ideas that rub the current one raw will become far more accepted and even welcomed.

The end result will be a Hollywood with a lot less ignorant nonsense and more intellectual and reasonable conversations. What’s more, and best of all, the art that will come out of this renaissance will help push our society into a new modernization where reason is valued far more than emotion. The stories that will come out of it will finally have a new flavor to them and this dark age will be done…

…for a time.


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