Ignore the Authoritarians, Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Let me be clear before I proceed. I’m not encouraging those who would be fatally-susceptible to COVID-19 to go out and about and do whatever. I advise precautions be taken, if your personal circumstance requires it.

That said, for the rest of us, feel free to tell the authoritarians who demand you isolate during Thanksgiving and Christmas to go fudge themselves, only I didn’t say “fudge.”

Two things can be true at the same time. Firstly, it can be true that this virus can be very dangerous and that there are those out there who should be wary of it and be sure to take every measure to make sure it doesn’t catch up with them.

It can also be true that the vast majority of the population isn’t really all that affected by the virus and that they can live with little to no change in their daily lives while having it. For around 98.6 of us in the United States, this virus is a shrug-worthy nuisance. It’s a gnat in the home, or a shoelace that keeps untying.

One inescapable truth is that, for those of us who are hardly affected by the virus, we know that if we get it, it will go away in a couple of weeks. But unlike COVID, an authoritarian in an elected position is a lot harder to get rid of. They don’t just go away after a few weeks. They stick around and insist you need them, as they continue to prove to be a lot more destructive.

The clamping down on family gatherings is ridiculous for a multitude of reasons.

For one, even if they can lock down people with legal authority, prohibiting people from gathering for Thanksgiving is unenforceable. Local authorities do not have the manpower and resources to see to it that the laws are obeyed in every household. Then you also have to contend with the fact that not every law enforcement official is going to be willing to enforce the law.

This was admitted to by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

“You can’t enforce that,” she said. “There is no way anywhere in the country we’re going to be able to say, ‘Look, you brought another household together. There [were] 10 of you having Thanksgiving dinner.’”

The second is that, while it may be a legal authority, it’s overbearing authority nonetheless that violates common sense or the logical conclusion that, if we don’t need to isolate, then we shouldn’t.

Isolation isn’t good for us as a species, and the proof is all around as we speak. Despair deaths, drug addiction, and suicides are rising. Depression has infected the populace, especially older Americans and even children.

Lockdowns are not effective at containing the virus. Even the World Health Organization couldn’t decide if they worked or not, but medical experts have spoken out against them. Also, one can just look at the resurgence of the virus in countries that locked down harder than we did and see that their efforts were in vain.

Most importantly is that people need to remember that this is America. We seem to have forgotten who we are. We went to war because someone threatened to have power over us, with no response allowed except to shout “long live the king.”

Today, people who think they’re royalty are telling us what we can and can’t do, in the name of safety—completely ignoring the science and demanding we submit to their authority—despite clues everywhere saying we shouldn’t.

Yes, the virus can be deadly, but the road we’re going down right now ends in something far deadlier.


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