Democrats Will Never Escape Donald Trump

The fight is still on for the White House despite the media and Democrats wanting to tell you otherwise. However, Democrats shouldn’t get too comfortable… even if they win.

No matter what, Democrats will never be able to get away from Trump. The mark he’s left on America is so deep that it would take the left decades to undo it. The courts now lean so firmly right that legal experts have already called any legal battle between Democrats and Republicans for the right already.

On top of that, Trump has made more inroads into minority communities than Republicans have in decades and it has the left panicked. All the right has to do is pick up the torch and keep running with it. If it succeeds, one of the left’s favorite weapons will be stripped from their hands.

But more than that, is that Trump taught the right how to fight and the right learned eagerly. Trump set a bar for how to handle the left and you can bet that Republicans won’t forget it. Trump exposed the weaknesses of the left and now that they’re naked in the open, it’s time to strike.

Even if Democrats manage to win the White House, their troubles are just beginning. Trump will haunt them wherever they go. In my latest video, I explain it all.

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