Democrat Brian Schatz Attempts to be a Google Biblical Scholar, Gets Dunked On by Christians, Then Runs Away

Democrat Brian Schatz Attempts to be a Google Biblical Scholar, Gets Dunked On by Christians, Then Runs Away
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Hawaii Democrat Brian Schatz stepped in it after attempting to defend Georgia Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock’s 2011 claim that you can’t serve in the military and serve God at the same time.

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Schatz attempted to mount a defense of Warnock like Democrats usually do, and attempt to cherry-pick Bible verses in order to make it fit their world view. Taking to Google, Schatz looked up the verse in question that Warnock was talking about; Matthew 6:24.

Matthew 6:24 contains a verse from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount about serving two masters.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money,” said Christ.

Addressing Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who called Warnock out on his statement, Schatz proceeded to tell Rubio that his attack on Warnock’s commentary on the verse and not his policy was a “low blow.”

“Hey, I just googled it and it appears to be from Matthew 6: 24. If you want to attack the Reverend on his policy views, fine, but this is a low blow,” said Schatz.

Rubio fired back by pointing out the flaw in Warnock’s claim, stating that Warnock was comparing our military to “Mammon.”

“Jesus doesn’t deny our earthly needs(see Mt 6:32)but teaches dependence on the Father. Mt 6:24 warns against becoming slaves to “Mammon”(Aramaic for wealth),” tweeted Rubio. “So Warnock believes the U.S. military is “Mammon” & military service is incompatible with being a Christian?”

NRSC Senior Advisor Matt Whitlock put Schatz on the spot by asking him to point out where Christ mentions the military in his sermon.

“Senator can you point out where Matthew 6:24 says “military?” asked Whitlock. “If Warnock wants to substitute military service for “mammon” and compare it to worldly pursuits and vices he’s free to do that. The point is that’s still an outrageous insult to those who have tried to do both.”

Whitlock went on to remind Schatz that he’s judging Rubio’s quotation of scripture based on nothing but Google. No real study went into it on Schatz’s part, he just found a verse that fit the narrative and ran with it, which is pretty typical for Democrats.

Schatz’s reply to this basically consisted of flipping the table and running away. He claimed Whitlock “lost the plot” and then claimed he had meetings so that he couldn’t continue the debate.

If he thought that was going to fly, he was sadly mistaken. The internet immediately jumped on the retreating Schatz, laughing at him openly.

There was also some correction as to how Jesus viewed members of the military.

The Bible, especially Christ, is often used by the left. Nuance and details often go flying out of the window when it comes to the Bible and quotes and verses are often taken out of context in order to fit with the political aims of whoever is quoting them.

Warnock did it, Schatz attempted to help him, and Christians weren’t having it.

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