Democrats Know the Election was Stolen...and They're Okay With It

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The truth isn’t hard to locate, especially when it comes to the Democrat party. The trick is to find the thing they don’t want to talk about or address. What’s more, find the thing they don’t want you to talk about or address.

Right now, the thing they’re constantly trying to get you to stop talking about is the fact that Joe Biden isn’t the president-elect despite the media prematurely calling him such, and that the election was very likely stolen. Saying anything to that effect on social media right now will likely attract the attention of leftist trolls who will proceed to call you a snowflake, or an idiot, or a crybaby, mixed in with demands that you get over it and that Trump lost.

Go ahead and do it. Trust me. They’ll find you.

The end result is that you feel like talking about the election being stolen will make you a public outcast and that you truly are an idiot for suggesting that such a thing as a stolen election could even happen. Nevermind the mounting suspicion, signed affidavits, videos, oddities, and confessions. Just sit back and let the Biden administration wash over you…or else.

That’s one clue that Democrats know it was likely stolen, but it’s also incredibly telling as it shows you that they don’t care. A free and fair election process isn’t a concern to them, only winning is. They’re happy with the fact that the Trump administration is having to dig through miles of a cover-up to get to the fraud underneath and they hope that the layer of bullsh*t they used to cover it is thick enough to hold them off.

They continue to denounce the claims as stupid and scream that you must present them the evidence in order to invalidate your claims, but then proceed to do what they can to make an investigation to find fraud seem like a ridiculous idea too.

They might as well just come out and say that Biden cheated.

Oh, wait…they already have.

Here’s is New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s daughter talking to a reporter and through a slip of the tongue, practically admitted that Biden cheated.

Is it likely that De Blasio’s daughter heard something through the grapevine? Is it possible that it’s common knowledge inside Democratic circles?

Maybe, but regardless it shows that Democrats know full well that shady activity happened during the election and that they’re not at all bothered by it.

This should absolutely anger conservatives and Trump supporters, but it should also fuel them. You should wear your opposition like a badge when the people you are opposed to are okay with destroying one of the fundamental necessities for a free society. Without fair elections, there is no free country.

If they can steal the election from you then they can and will steal much more than that. Through this level of cheating, they can begin stripping things from you from your well-earned money to your rights. Anyone willing to do what’s necessary to make sure your legitimate vote is overruled with illegitimacy is more than willing to cast you and your freedoms to the dogs at a whim, and anyone who is willing to applaud this kind of draconianism should be wholly opposed and fought against.

This investigation isn’t just about Trump taking his rightful place as winner of the election, the integrity of our Republic is on the line as we speak. This is much more important than a single election or candidate. This moment will define the future of America forever.

Don’t let this go.


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