Biden Advisors Already Suggesting 'America Last' Strategy On COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Joe Biden’s premature status as “president-elect” has caused him to already begin assembling advisors, specifically on how to handle COVID-19. More ridiculous is that his advisors are already doing what Democrats do and are putting together a plan that effectively puts America as a secondary concern.


According to Fox News, oncologist Dr. Zeke Emanuel has suggested that America not “hoard” the vaccine and advised that we don’t resort to — and he actually said this — “vaccine nationalism.”

Emanuel has created a guideline called the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair international distribution of vaccine.”

According to the model, this distribution of the vaccine to the globe occurs before Americans get to it:

The model allows the country that produces the vaccine to hold onto enough of a supply to reach a threshold for herd immunity (“Rt below 1”). Beyond that, the model supports distributing the vaccine internationally, which means giving away or selling doses of the vaccine before it’s available to every citizen in that country, Emanuel explained to Scientific American.

“Reasonable national partiality does not permit retaining more vaccine than the amount needed to keep the rate of transmission (Rt) below 1, when that vaccine could instead mitigate substantial COVID-19–related harms in other countries that have been unable to keep Rt below 1 through ongoing public-health efforts,” the Science magazine article titled “An ethical framework for global vaccine allocation” argues.

“Associative ties only justify a government’s giving some priority to its own citizens, not absolute priority,” Emanuel wrote with his co-authors.

In other words, we’re going from Trump’s “America first” policy to a potential “America last” policy should Biden win the election.


Trump’s plan is the exact opposite. For the President’s administration, the U.S. will share the vaccine with other countries only after America’s needs are met. Moreover, we will be handling the distribution, and will not be working with the World Health Organization.

The safer bet for Americans and likely for the rest of the world too. Better that the parent puts their face mask on before the child.

Emanuel is an individual that shouldn’t be trusted with any medical decisions. As Senator Tom Cotton pointed out, Emanuel is a lockdown enthusiast who claims he’d like to die at the age of 75 for the purpose of getting out of the way for other Americans, a position reminiscent of the way they handled the elderly in The Giver.

Biden is 77-years-old.




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