The People Dancing In the Streets are the Ones Who Insisted We Have to Vote by Mail

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

After the media began prematurely calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, some things began happening rapidly. Conservatives and Trump voters began calling foul play, not just because the media jumped the gun and began declaring winners before the race was even over, but because the entire election reeked of cheating.

According to our own government’s previous rulings on elections that looked just like this one, if there’s smoke there’s fire.

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The other thing that happened was from the left who was only too eager to soak up the victory. Not only did they take to Twitter to begin declaring that the nightmare was finally over and jeering at Trump voters, they also took to the streets and began celebrating.

The celebration hasn’t stopped either. New York Times writer Jodi Kantor posted a video of people dancing in the park like they were at a concert.

This isn’t the only example. In fact, here’s the leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate yelling out, surrounded by a crowd, and without a mask.

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko noted the crowd that had gathered in celebration outside the White House and called it “the best trolling I have seen in four years.”

Infuriating is one of the words one could use to describe these scenes and they’d be one of the more polite ones to use too.

These people doing all the trolling are people who were telling America that they were irresponsible for even thinking about going to vote in person. These people now dancing close to each other in the streets are the same who told us that we were science deniers for saying we should reopen society so that Americans could get to work and begin making money to support themselves and their families.

These were the same Democrats who fought tooth and nail to make sure that mail-in voting was instituted for this election, creating one of the most corrupted and easily defrauded elections in the history of the country.

Now that they believe they’ve won their victory, they’ve dropped the act and are now revealing that they didn’t really care about the danger of contracting the virus all along. The lockdown was, to them, a means to an end and it seems they have achieved it. With the election won, the virus is now a secondary concern.

How many funerals were missed by family members? How many relatives went unvisited in a time of need? How many businesses shuttered for good and livelihoods lost because these people currently dancing together in the streets yowled and raged over the very idea that we should be able to move about and live freely? Blue state leaders were actually punishing citizens for gathering and protesting together that they should be able to live with precautions.

We were supposed to be avoiding super spreader events, including events like voting in person due to the dangers but all of that seems to be a completely laughable thing now that Joe Biden has been declared the victor by the media. The mask is dropped. There’s no need to keep up the ruse.

This indicates that we’re seeing a knowledge that some kind of edge would be gained by enforcing the mail-in vote. The extent of what that advantage would be would require some investigation and it sounds like we may get some. Regardless, we should never forget this.

These over-dramatic fearmongers are liars and will collapse the lives of millions in order to gain power. Never believe them again.


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