A Leftist Author Just Got a Hard Lesson on How There Are No Such Things as Friends on the Left

You’d think the premature announcement of the Biden/Harris ticket winning the election would please the left but it’s important to remember that the extreme left that has taken over the Democrat party is never pleased. The consistent anger and outrage they exude is a feature, not a bug.


Case in point, one leftist author attempted to signal some virtue by pointing out that Kamala Harris put her pronouns in her bio. For those blessedly unaware, putting your pronouns in your bio is a way for the transgender community to identify how they want to be addressed. There’s been pressure on many high-profile accounts to put their pronouns in their bio whether they’re trans or not as a show of solidarity. Some, like Harris, obey.

Others, like Mandalorian actress Gina Carano, do not. Not doing this caused Carano to become a central figure to be attacked by the social justice left and trans activist mob on Twitter, but it should be understood that putting your pronouns in a show of solidarity won’t help you.

There are no friends on the hard-left.

The leftist author in question is Robin Stevens who saw that Harris had put her pronouns in her bio and tweeted, “Our vice-president elect has her pronouns in her bio. What’s your excuse?”

As of this writing, Harris is not the VP-elect, nor is she any kind of saint to the permanently outraged on the internet. The mob quickly jumped on Stevens. What followed is a story in tweets.

Stevens proceeded to get waves of mixed replies. Many tweeted that they don’t have to put their pronouns in their bio because they aren’t slaves to a woke culture that absolutely rejects science. Others pointed to Harris’s history on trans issues and how it’s less than stellar.


Stevens proceeded to tell everyone who wasn’t woke that their belief in science and refusal to cave to woke trends are “embarrassing yourselves” and that they were saying nothing of value. To the wokescolds pointing out Harris’s history on trans issues, she capitulated immediately, saying it was something important to talk about.

That didn’t stop the replies. The blood was in the water. The sharks were hungry. The mob kept taking bites out of her. Finally, Stevens muted the thread in an attempt to silence it and made everyone aware that she had.

“I truly made a blessed decision yesterday when I muted this thread. I can’t see anything you’re saying to me, which is very nice,” tweeted Stevens.

Bad move.

Stevens, in an attempt to restore some sanity to her world, silenced the voices of those preaching social justice by muting this thread. If there’s one thing social justice advocates love, it’s to have people paying full attention when they’re scolding them for not being as woke as they are. Their soapbox is high and their megaphone huge for a reason. They want attention, and you will give it to them.


The offended began going around the tweet to tell her how badly Stevens screwed up. Obediently, Stevens went and un-muted the thread. Crumpling like a cheap suit, she thanked the community for the beating and apologized for any hurt she may have caused by attempting to get away from the useless internet outrage.

“I absolutely hear you, you are right and I am sorry to have hurt you. I’m not going to unmute the thread because most people are not commenting in good faith, but please know I am thinking about those of you who do have good-faith issues with this,” tweeted the author.

Why is highlighting this story important you may ask?

It’s a perfect example of how the left really thinks. They believe there is wokeness in the White House now, but it’s important to remember that these social justice advocates are never satisfied and will never consent to be happy. The Biden/Harris administration will enjoy no friendship with these people as these people will always want more. They will demand obedience and, if the pattern holds, the left will continue to feed the monster.


Rest assured, it will consume them, too. It seems the feast has already begun.

Remember. There are no friends on the hard-left. There is no “good enough” and there definitely isn’t compromise. It’s full reverence at all times, caving to every demand no matter how asinine, and constant vigilance in shifting trends. Even then, it won’t save you. Creatures that only know how to consume and destroy will only consume and destroy.



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