I Don't Trust It

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

As I write this, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are still battling it out in Arizona which has become the new final battleground in order to win the Presidency. As it stands, it looks like Trump has won Pennsylvania but there’s an issue.

Trump is winning Pennsylvania for now.

On Tuesday night, the states that Trump was leading but wasn’t supposed to win suddenly stopped counting their ballots all at the same time and proceeded to tell us that they will begin again in the morning. When the morning came around, Michigan and Wisconsin began exhibiting odd tallies with their votes.

Michigan, for instance, suddenly logged over 100,000 mail-in and early vote ballots and every single one of them had Biden’s name written on them. No Republican votes.

Statistically, this is so improbable as to be impossible, but what makes it all even less believable is the fact that despite the voting habits of Republicans showing up to vote in-person and on election day, there were also no third party votes logged in that fat stack. That alone should raise everyone’s eyebrows, but naturally, the left is just telling everyone that they’re paranoid.

(Very Odd: Michigan Found Over 100,000 Ballots and Every Single One Has Joe Biden’s Name on It)

Another instance happened today in Wisconsin, where voter turnout has drifted into the 90th percentile.

That is absolutely unheard of and to use a phrase I already have, so improbable as to be considered impossible.

(The Wisconsin Totals Don’t Make Any Sense Either as Turnout Seems Abnormally High)

To be clear, the highest turnout Wisconsin ever experienced was in 2004 when a whopping 73.24 percent went to the polls. In America, a voter turnout that breaches 90 percent isn’t a thing that happens. Ever. In fact, it’s not exactly something you see in any Democracy or Republic. You typically see that kind of voter turnout in dictator run countries that hold “elections” that make the dictator’s rule seem more legitimate and fairly won with a very large population voting in his favor.

No, I’m not calling Biden a dictator…I’ll save that for Harris.

I want to believe that this will get worked out soon and that Trump will take these states and retain the presidency. I just don’t trust the process at this point. I have a much stronger feeling that this election isn’t going to be decided at the ballot box, but in the courtrooms, and if I’m being honest, I think that’s how it should be at this point.

I can’t trust the Democrats not to cheat. Any chance to delay is a chance to “find” ballots and fill in the gaps. It’s a chance to accidentally lose ballots if they need to.

We’re clearly on unstable grounds in this election process as the left continues to detonate everything that holds our election process in firm control and while I wish I could say that I’m being hyperbolic, the Democrats have made it clear over the past four years that they will sink to any depths in order get Trump out of office.

They did just spend years attempting to impeach Trump on a Russian hoax that they knew didn’t have any weight to it.

Going forward, any and all numbers are suspect. Sudden jumps in Democrat support out of nowhere are going to need to be investigated. If we don’t quash this now then we can definitely expect the left refine their cheating tactics in the future and try this again, possibly even in the midterms.

Trump should rally every lawyer and investigator that he can and set them loose. It’s clear that something isn’t right and we need to get to the bottom of this as a country. The left and the Democrats can cry, scream, and moan all they want but if they’re cheating then they need to be dragged out kicking and screaming into the light and made to answer for their crimes.

It’s either that, or this continues and our nation falls into the same corruption that consumed so many other countries until they were mere shadows of their former selves.


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