Don't Spread Around This Supercut of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Repeatedly Saying They'd Raise Your Taxes

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Of all the things you probably shouldn’t do today, spreading around this video of Democrat candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris saying again and again that they plan on raising our taxes is at the top.


Seriously, don’t do it.

Just in case you don’t know which video I’m talking about, here it is right here.

The video was created by Americans for Tax Reform and was tweeted out by John Kartch. The video shows Biden and Harris talking about increasing corporate tax rates, reinserting the Obamacare individual mandate, and eliminating the Trump tax cuts—which both say they’re going to do on day one.

Also in the video, both Harris and Biden are seen saying that they’d institute a sort of carbon tax, as well as double the capital gains tax.

So whatever you do, don’t spread it around. Don’t retweet that video. Don’t post this article to your Facebook. Because that would be a real shame if this info got out and it harmed people’s opinion about voting in the Harris administration.

The reason it might harm their opinion is that it would signal to both business owners and workers that they would be paying more money to the government, instead of hiring new employees and expanding their businesses.


When the Trump tax cuts were passed, corporations not only threw their doors wide open for more employees, they were able to give their employees more bonuses and money on their paychecks.

For people looking for work in this economy brought low by the virus that came from China, increasing taxes on businesses might make people a bit uneasy. They want it easier to get a job right now, not more difficult.

Oh, one more thing. Definitely don’t remind people that Trump has promised one of the “biggest tax cuts ever,” if he gets reelected. If his first round of tax cuts truly helped Americans find jobs and begin building prosperity for themselves, it’s unthinkable what another round of tax cuts would do.

So, definitely keep this under your hat.


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