If You Want to See the Real Difference Between Republicans and Democrats, Watch This Video

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President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020, in Latrobe, Pa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

There’s a definite difference between Republicans and Democrats and it’s not just a policy-based difference. The attitudes the parties have about this country, its people, and the situation we’re in couldn’t be more night and day.


As a video by the Daily Wire highlights, Republicans seem to have a firm grasp on things. The image President Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans present is one of unflinching resolve, competence, and most importantly, hope.

There’s an optimism in the air around Republicans, not just about their reelection chances, about the state of America. Though it’s undeniable that we’re going through hard times, Republicans seem to have their eye on the prize. They refuse to be victims and will do whatever it takes to overcome the difficulty they’re in.

Trump himself seems to have a very clear vision for the future that involves a rising tide that will elevate all boats. He’s confident on stage and doesn’t waver in his words as people do when they don’t truly believe them. He gives credit where it’s due and tells the truth where it’s needed.

This comes through in the video the Daily Wire created very well, but the opposite end of the aisle is presenting itself in the exact opposite way.

Democrat leadership is, for lack of a better term, awkward. They seem uneasy and their smiles practiced. They look like people held hostage and putting on a brave face about it. They seem like they’re trying way too hard to sell something that they know few people want to buy. I typically don’t like using the phrase “it’s not a good look,” but it’s not a good look.


More striking than the cringe-fest they’ve invited us to is the attitude the Democrats have struck about America. They look at the country as deeply flawed. They see victims everywhere they look and they can’t stress enough that we’re in dire trouble.

The conditionless optimism that the Republicans emanate is absent in the Democrats. They want you to know things are really bad and they’re only going to get worse if Trump is reelected. They seldom talk about the tenacity and relentlessness of the American people or the way they conquer one problem after another that creates a society of limitless possibilities.

Democrats seem to believe our society is in a state of arrested development and that it will continue to stay that way, or at least they want you to believe that.

There’s something dark and depressing about it. Even their attempts at humor seem sad.

The Daily Wire’s video perfectly highlights these differences.

If anyone needs to figure out why they should vote Republican in this election, this video demonstrates a very good reason why. Policies are great to focus on, for sure, but one thing that can’t be overlooked is the attitude presented by Democrats and it’s clear they’re not entirely feeling America.

Something is missing. Like a couple that stays together but no longer really likes each other, the Democrats don’t seem to like America but they do want to stay because they don’t have any other option.


Republicans, meanwhile, truly love this country and want the best for it. They think it truly is something great and could even be greater. They believe in it and want to support it under the knowledge that it’s not done achieving heights yet.

This attitude is important to understand. One party will take us nowhere, the other to the stars both figuratively and probably very literally.

I think the choice is clear as to who we should be voting for come November.

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