Biden Tells Another Lie About His Past and This One Is Too Obvious

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event on manufacturing and buying American-made products at UAW Region 1 headquarters in Warren, Mich., Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is like any other Democrat. He wants you to think he’s a man of the people who knows what a hard day’s work looks like. A man who works his fingers to the bone, and at the end of the day, comes home with a modest sum.

Biden, like most Democrat politicians, doesn’t want you to think of him as the kind of rich elitist who would be horrified if he had to put in 30 minutes of real work and whose sweat glands have closed up permanently from disuse.

A perfect example of this came during one of Biden’s campaign stops in Detroit where he just threw out a lie that was so obvious that it’s unfathomable why he’d try to tell it.

Biden made the claim that $400,000 is more than he ever made. There’s only one problem. He’s worth millions.


Firstly, during Biden’s time as VP under Barack Obama, he made over $230,000 a year, putting him well over the $400,000 mark in just two.

But hey, let’s just go annually.

As the tweet from Trump War Room suggests, Biden’s first couple of years out of office saw him net $15.6 million. A 2019 Wall Street Journal blows that idea straight out of the water and all that took was a simple Google search to find:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden earned $15.6 million in the two years after he left the Obama administration, according to newly released financial documents. The former vice president, who has built his nearly five-decade political career as an advocate for middle-class families, made millions of dollars through paid speaking engagements, sales of his 2017 book, end his role as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to Forbes, Biden’s book was worth $8 million alone. The $200,000 price tag on his speaking engagements netted him over $3 million on top of that.

Biden is clearly lying in order to make himself seem like one of the working class but instead of identifying with them, he’s outright lying to and insulting them.


Imagine the outrage if Elon Musk went around telling people in Tesla’s mailroom that he’s the same as them. Imagine if a board member of Halliburton was caught sitting in front of a room of oil workers and told them he makes just the same as they did.

The press would have a field day calling out these blatant lies, but for some reason, when a Democrat does it, it gets a free pass and their elitism isn’t commented on by anyone.

Democrat outrage is a very specific thing and isn’t static, to say the least. Biden will never be called out on his blatant lies and as such, isn’t even trying to hide them anymore.

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