The Open Discussion of Killing White People Should be a Cultural Warning

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Black Lives Matter activists accost a woman in Washington D.C. while she is eating dinner.

We can’t rightfully talk about a racial war currently ongoing against white people because for some reason, talking about it is taboo in mainstream culture.

Let me say it here, though. White people are being discriminated against in overt ways. They’re being denied jobs because of diversity quotas, labeled as villains by mainstream culture, and now, the idea of simply killing white people is being laughed about on mainstream programs.

As I reported earlier on Monday, the BBC hosted a program where one of its guests openly spoke about killing white people to the laughter of her fellow panelists.

If this was said about any other race there would be endless media reporting about it. The person who made the comment would be banned from every public appearance on every network from here till the end of time. Protests would have been had in front of the network building, and think pieces would swarm the internet about how our country and our culture is racist beyond any doubt.

But this moment in our culture brings up a perfectly crystalizing view of how far we’ve fallen as a society. These “progressives” have regressed us to a time before we began judging someone by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

The infection in our society has grown so deep and is only being exacerbated by an election that has been more divisive than any seen in our country in its history. I mean, we have people literally assassinating people in the streets for their support of President Donald Trump and groups proudly proclaim that a fascist died.

Perhaps this is a problem in our specific day and age because as a species we’re still learning how this level of mass communication affects our society as a whole. Radicals can now get their message out faster and spread more lies than ever before.

When your primary interaction with the world is through a screen, reality begins to take a back seat. Your experiences become so minimal that you can be convinced that the world is a certain way when it’s clear it’s another to those who have actually experienced it.

I would say this if this was happening to any other race as well. The targeting of any race for any malicious act is a backward, abhorrent thing. A racial supremacy movement of any variety is beyond excusable.

While I can say this all day, it’s not going to change the mind of those who have been “educated” with falsehoods to the point of lunacy.

It’s my sincere belief that there will be a reckoning of some kind coming in the near future. The earliest I can see this happening is in the event of Trump winning his reelection but it may take longer than that as the media, politicians, and activist groups continue to foment distrust and rage throughout the populace.

There has already been violence in the streets but it will get so much worse. Racial hatreds are going to erupt where none should and those racists will teach other people to be racist either by handing down their prejudices to them or by teaching them to be prejudiced against them.

If we’re going to avoid this dark fate then we need to seize back the culture from the people who pollute it. Advocacy groups exist left and right who dedicate their time and effort solely to fighting one thing or another. They need your support.

What’s more, in order to reclaim the culture, we must act within it. We have to reclaim the arts, inject new stories, more actors, writers, and artists.

There will be no immediate turnaround but if we start now we may be able to reclaim the culture sooner than we think.

Once the influence of the good is injected back into the culture you’ll begin to see the turnaround. The questioning of hatred and even the mental fitness of radicals will be put in the hot seat.

Until then, this open hatred of white people to the point of lightly discussing their murder should be a marker on the road to Hell. Racism is one of the most ridiculous and misguided forms of hatred humanity engages in and it’s a sign of our society that it’s currently thriving.


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