The Morse Code Ep. 29: Queen Pelosi, BLM Popularity Falls, and Nashville Leadership Lies

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The Morse Code

It’s Friday and that means yet another episode of The Morse Code.

So much has happened this week that it was difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to talk about. So instead I decided to talk about three things that I thought were the most poignant.

For one, if you saw House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s performance on the House floor this week, you’ll have watched her finally come out and say that riots are…get this…bad. When she said it the main response she got to the video on Twitter was befuddlement by the masses on why it took her this long to reach that conclusion. I have to wonder too, especially given all the things she and party did in the past about it which is either nothing or flat-out encouragement.

The other is the fascinating drop in approval for BLM, and I break down why that’s happening.

Finally, the revelation in Nashville is one of the biggest stories about Democrat corruption to hit the news in some time but characteristically, it’s not exactly being discussed at length by the mainstream media? Why? Likely for several reasons and none of them that are good.

Join me for my weekly rant and add your own voice in the comments below!

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