Men Should Definitely Have a Say In Abortion

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A young boy holds a sign during an anti-abortion rally on the steps of the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Earlier today, Ted Cruz and 20 GOP senators spoke out against an abortion pill that was rushed through for approval by the FDA under pressure from the Clinton administration. This infuriated the pro-abortion left to no end and ultimately resulted in the cliche talking point most pro-abortionists take.

The argument that men shouldn’t have a say in abortion is tired. It’s used to silence men whenever they have a point about it that is incredibly inconvenient to the abortion industry. The pro-abortion crowd is very militant about it too.

It’s a position that always bothered me, not just because I’m a man who has opinions, but because it seems to me like an easy cop-out for the pro-abortion crowd. Not only that, but it also seems hypocritical.

The “my body, my choice” crowd doesn’t seem to have that attitude about men when it comes to their wallets. Many women believe themselves entitled to men’s money in all sorts of situations, including the birth of a child. To be sure, I’m in agreement with many women who believe this. If the man helped create the baby, he should be there to financially support it.

In the same line of thinking, if the man helped create the baby and he should be held responsible for its financial support, he should also get to have a say in whether or not it’s even born. The thing about parenting is that it is, by nature, a dual responsibility. It took two to create life, it should take two to make any decisions about it. It’s unfair and to say that it only takes one when it comes to the child’s first-ever and greatest possession; its own life.

What’s more, abortion is not a natural part of life. While miscarriages happen, the intentional murder of a child in the womb was never really something nature provided us with a way of doing at will. There is no termination valve on a woman and she can’t just decide to stop gestating on a whim.

Fatherhood is a natural part of life, however. In fact, it’s so natural that children raised in stable two-parent homes that feature a man and a woman tend to grow up statistically far more stable. The importance of a father can’t be understated.

The father’s presence and decision making are imperative to a child’s life because the father was always supposed to be a major factor.

Yet to hear the pro-abortion crowd tell it, fathers are unnecessary, but then again, apparently, any opinion that doesn’t line up with theirs is somewhere in the realm of Hitlerian.

More than anything, however, is the fact that it shouldn’t take a womb to have a say about whether or not a human life gets to live or die. I realize that men don’t have to carry the baby in the womb for nine months and then give birth to the child, but the child did nothing wrong. Both the man and the woman engaged in the act that led to the creation of the child. That child is that man’s responsibility and as his responsibility, he should have a say in what happens.

If men are tasked with protection as nature intended, then protecting innocent life should be one of its priorities.

When they fail at that task, especially when it’s their own child, abortion hurts men too.

Vincent Rue, a doctor who studies the effects of abortion on men, describes a man who supported the abortion of his own child:

“Men do grieve following abortion, but they are more likely to deny their grief or internalize their feelings of loss rather than openly express them … When men do express their grief, they try to do so in culturally prescribed ‘masculine’ ways, i.e., anger, aggressiveness, control.

Men typically grieve in a private way following an abortion. Because of this, men’s requests for help may often go unrecognized and unheeded by those around them …

A guilt-ridden, tormented male does not easily love or accept love. His preoccupation with his partner, his denial of himself and his relentless feelings of post-abortion emptiness can nullify even the best of intentions. His guilt may prevent him from seeking compassion, support or affection. In turn, he ‘forgets’ how to reciprocate these feelings.”

Even the mere thought that he almost killed his daughter pained Kanye to the point of breaking down in public.

Men are just as emotionally involved because we’re nationally involved.



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