Call of Duty's Ominous Trailer Details Communist Tactics to Collapse the US That are Being Used Today

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

“You are in a state of war.”

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Cold War trailer is one of the more fascinating promotions for a video game you’ll ever see, and not because it displays the flashy graphics contained within the game or action scenes to get you excited about the gameplay.


It’s fascinating because it details the communist’s plan to collapse America from within as told by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. During an old interview, Bezmenov listed a step-by-step plan to destabilize the United States by affecting the attitudes of Americans within it. Perhaps, not so strangely, it’s the same tactics being used by the communists within America today.

“Understand what’s going on around you,” says Bezmenov in Call of Duty’s trailer as a singular television in the dark is zoomed in on.

“You are in a state of war, and you have precious little time to save yourselves,” he says ominously.

Bezmenov describes the plan as a “slow process” the Russians called “active measures.” The first step, he says in the trailer, is “demoralization.”

“It takes 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation,” says Bezmenov.

The next step he describes is “destabilization” which attacks the three “essentials,” which Bezmenov describes as being the economy, foreign relations, and defense systems.

The third stage is “crisis” says Bezmenov as footage of riots in the streets is shown.  Bezmenov describes this as a “violent change of power, structure, and economy.”


The fourth stage is “normalization,” where everyone is taught that this new system is the new normal and that we should just get used to it.

“This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these shmucks to put a big broader government in Washington D.C.,” says Bezmenov. “They will promise loads of things. Nevermind if the promises are fulfilled or not.”

Watch the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War trailer for yourself below.


The Call of Duty trailer shows more chaotic images from the 1980’s during the cold war era. As it does, ominous words flash across the screen as a warning to the people of today. They’re very interesting words given the events taking place at the time of this writing.

“Know your history or be doomed to repeat it,” read the words.

“The time bomb is ticking,” continues Bezmenov snapping his fingers rhythmically. “With every second, disaster is coming closer and closer.”

“The danger is real,” he says at the end of the trailer.

Looking in on the news right now, it’s hard not to see some of these steps in the process now, specifically “crisis.” The truth is that behind many of these riots is the open desire to tear down our current system and replace it with a communist or socialist one. This isn’t a tinfoil hat comment, this is an open declaration by many of its leaders. The very founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are openly “trained Marxists.”


As Bezmenov said back then, “the danger is real.” It’s actually happening. It’s happening right now.

I won’t speculate as to whether or not the developers at Treyarch put this together for the next Call of Duty entry as an actual warning, but I can’t discount the timing as being somehow intentional in some form, be it from the developers or even, possibly, somehow divine.

One thing is clear. We are at war and it’s time we start recognizing it.

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