Trump Organizes Massive Step Towards Peace in the Middle East by Guiding a Deal Between Israel and the UAE

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“Peace in the Middle-East” had become a cultural meme at one point over the idea that it was something unobtainable, but it would appear that President Donald Trump has worked with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leaders of the United Arab Emirates to advance peace in the region through a diplomatic breakthrough.


On Thursday, Trump tweeted out a joint statement made by the U.S., Israel, and the UAE that detailed a peace agreement that had been organized between Israel and the UAE that would allow for more commerce, travel, and investment among other things.

The leaders of the respective nations say they are confident that this initial agreement will spawn others to follow, resulting in more trade, communication, and security throughout the region.

According to Reuters, the talks that led to this agreement were “tense” but were finalized by phone call between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed.

“Everybody said this would be impossible,” Trump said according to Reuters. “After 49 years, Israel and the United Arab Emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations. They exchange embassies and ambassadors and begin cooperation across the border.”

“This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East. Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead …. and normalize relations with Israel.”

“We are already discussing this with other nations, very powerful, very good nations that want to see peace in the Middle East so you will probably see others of these,” Trump added. “Things are happening that I can’t talk about, but they’re extremely positive.”


Zayed detailed one of the agreements that was made with Trump and Netanyahu.

“During a call with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The UAE and Israel also agreed to cooperation and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship,” he said.

Many presidents before Trump have put more emphasis on military presence in the region but Trump has managed to strike a big deal between the three countries that has brought it closer to peace than has ever been in recent memory.

This is a historic day.


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