Democrats Prove They're Not Fit to Run a Lemonade Stand With a Single Demand

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Democrats have bad priorities. When choosing the leader of the free world, you typically want to make sure that the man or woman you’ve chosen is the best person for the job and who most represents the ideals you have yourself.

For the left, that idea is a load of bunk.

Meritocricies are racist according to the left and as such, suggesting that the best person for the job is the one that will do the best work is the same as saying “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Instead, the person who runs everything must be a certain color and gender, because that, at the end of the day, is really all the defines a human being; their ethnicity and sex.

According to the Daily Wire, the hard-left has threatened the Democrat party with backlash should presumptive nominee Joe Biden not choose a black woman as his vice-president:

Democratic operatives, POLITICO’s Marc Caputo reports Tuesday, are warning presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that he may face a backlash if he doesn’t select a black woman as his running mate.

African-American political activists were reportedly blunt with Caputo, suggesting that Biden’s quest for a palatable Vice Presidential candidate must involve only black female legislators. They are particularly concerned, they say, after Biden reportedly held a high-level meeting in Washington, D.C., with Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, once a front-runner for the Veep slot.

Activists told POLITICO that a strong, black female candidate would do just as well at bringing in swing voters from select states as a midwestern governor.

“As Biden prepares to announce his choice this week, Black women activists and operatives have launched an eleventh-hour campaign to pressure him. In a pair of open letters Monday and last week, they made the case that he needs strong African American turnout in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to win,” the outlet reported.

Picking a black woman as VP for the reason she’s competent would be great. Picking a black woman for VP because she’s a black woman would be insulting for anyone selected, if not the entire black population. This is essentially saying that black women are only good for two things and none of those are her mind, work ethic, or capability.

Most importantly for everyone else, however, is the idea that the Democrat party is more than willing to put incompetent and corrupt people in charge if it means that person checks a few shallow boxes. They aren’t picking the best people to run, they’re picking what amounts to a campaign ad.

“The Democrat Party: We’re so inclusive we selected a woman of color.”

In situations where intelligence, patience, and cleverness will be necessary, having black skin and a uterus isn’t going to make a difference. Increased melanin levels and the ability to give birth isn’t going to help when it comes to solving a crisis.

Yet the left seems to think it will make all the difference. Somehow, the experience of being a certain gender and race is going to give one insight on whether or not a deal with Iran is a good idea or what should be done when a hurricane devastates a coastline.

Democrats aren’t looking for the best people, they’re more concerned with optics. They don’t care that someone like Kamal Harris is beyond corrupt and likely couldn’t think her way out of a paper bag without assistance. All they want is is her smiling face waving at a crowd as balloons come down so they can pat themselves on the back and confirm to themselves that they’re not racist like those horrible Republicans who have been electing black candidates since right after the civil war.

They’ve rejected viability for feel-goodism. Don’t elect these clowns.



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