Antifa Aren't Communist Revolutionaries, They're Spoiled Kids Playing Dress-Up

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Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators cross the Burnside Bridge across the Willamette River from the west side of the city to the east side in search of the far-right group, the Proud Boys, in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. Self-described anti-fascists vowed to confront the rally while leaders from the far right urged their followers to turn out in large numbers to protest the arrests of multiple members of right-wing groups in the run-up to the event. Antifa members often cover their faces with masks, making it harder to identify them. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

You’ve likely been watching the violent riots unfolding on your television and phone screens over the past few months and noticed these riots often contain a bunch of clearly white people wearing black clothing and covering their faces for reasons that aren’t COVID related.

This is Antifa, and according to them, they’re an anti-fascist revolutionary group who will bring about the fall of capitalism and institute a communist/socialist utopia where all of our social problems will finally be a thing of the past.

If it sounds stupid it’s because it is and if you’re wondering if the people shouting are stupid then rest assured, they are.

Antifa is a group that primarily consists of white, middle-class people most of which who are young. All have heard one too many stories from college professors and perused too many heavily restricted Tumblr pages and subreddits. Being young, they’re inexperienced, and when you add the fact that they live in one of the most comfortable and prosperous places on the planet, they’ve lived spoiled lives of first world abundance and ease.

If you’re curious about what an Antifa member looks like unmasked, then enjoy this mugshot collage.



They’ve been taught to feel guilty about the blessings they’ve been given and that the reason they have it is that it was stolen and forced from others. They’ve been handed books and pamphlets that are selective and embellished telling of the United States dark past and believe that anyone who supports it and the system it’s built on is enabling evil and must be punished.

Especially if those pro-American people are white…go figure.

Antifa is oftentimes known for its violence and intimidation tactics. Their quickness to go to violence has made many fear them and avoid places where they’d be. They’re labeled as a domestic terrorist group and for good reason. They destroy, intimidate, burn, loot, lie, steal, and even resort to deadly violence from time to time.

What’s not often talked about is their incompetence, which I feel they should be just as famous for.

Let me give you a few examples.

Did you know that Antifa has battlefield medics? They do, and they have no idea what they’re doing.

Exhibit A:

In this video, we see an Antifa member who has been hit with a rubber bullet in the leg. Getting struck by a rubber bullet is no picnic and I imagine it hurts very badly, but our victim acts as if he’s been shot in the leg by a very real bullet. Throughout the video, he cries and screams. While I can’t make it out clearly, at one point it sounds like he’s wondering if he’s going to lose his leg.

Never fear, though. Antifa medics are on the scene and ready to make sure our not-gunshot victim has the proper medical care he needs, and by “proper medical care” I mean a three-year-old with a plastic stethoscope and a Doc McStuffins storytime book would have done a much better job of treating this wounded anti-fascist fascist.

The Antifa medics swoop in and immediately cut open his pant leg to expose the wound. As you can see in the video, the wound is very red and slightly bloody, but most of the blood is staying exactly where it should be. He’s definitely going to have a huge welt on his leg where the bullet hit him for a while, but he’ll suffer no permanent damage to be sure.

Regardless of the fact that blood isn’t pouring from the wound, Antifa medics immediately applied a tourniquet to stop the…I don’t know. The tourniquet (which in this video just looks like a strap of some kind) is placed just above the wound where, in reality, you should be going a few inches above it, but hey, I’m no Antifa medic. What do I know?

It’s then tightened as another “medic” places what looks like medical cloth and put pressure on the wound.

Applying a tourniquet unnecessarily can actually harm the limb and I’m willing to bet that these Antifa medics did far more damage than not. This was definitely a “rub some dirt in it and walk it off” situation but this isn’t a serious group of people. These are bored kids, pissed at daddy, and trying to feel like they’re doing important things that will change the world.

These are spoiled kids playing dress-up, not serious revolutionaries.

If they were serious revolutionaries, they wouldn’t treat it like a fun part-time activity either. As my colleague, Nick Arama reported earlier, Antifa rioters are now asking that people stop posting videos and pictures of what they’re doing online because they’re having to face justice for what they do when their identities are discovered and the police come to get them.

They want to bring down the system by smashing your property and hurting you and your neighbors in gruesome ways, but until that time, they want to live safely and comfortably within it.

If you rip off the mask, Antifa is, at its core, a bunch of useful idiots being taught by a bunch of useful idiots to be useful idiots.

They’ve never had to live without plenty and have always lived within safe environments. They’re used to a world where their every need is provided for because the system they live in is one that produces in abundance and they’ve never known any differently.

Experiencing real communism would change their minds about their positions. Having to stand in line to hopefully get some food or everyday things like toilet paper or baby formula would cure them very quickly of this idea that socialism is ideal. The first time they found themselves truly being silenced and incapable of speaking out their real thoughts on something is the moment the spell would be lifted.

They would, in a very real sense, come crying back home to mama.

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