People are Already Shrugging Off COVID Fears and Getting Together

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COVID or novid, the people can’t be locked up forever, and expecting them to stay isolated is just unrealistic.

According to the New York Post, a party in New Jersey that was attended by hundreds was broken up by police after it spilled into the street:

A massive rager at a mansion in New Jersey’s richest zip code was shut down by cops over the weekend — and neighbors say wild Vegas-like blowouts have been regularly held there despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of carefree revelers — most without masks — were spotted outside the home on Hemlock Drive in Alpine for what promoters called “The Lavish Experience Pool Party” Saturday night, NBC New York reported.

Cops eventually were called to break up the bash, which spilled out onto the street with zero regard for social distancing rules.

One person was seen taken away in an ambulance, while others were passed out drunk on the front lawn, the outlet reported.

The interesting part of this report is that apparently these parties happen at this mansion with regularity, and while it doesn’t say whether or not the parties become as large as the one police busted up, it does say that party busses have been spotted dropping off people at the location.

“A few months ago, new neighbors moved in, renters,” the neighbor said. “They started having parties one weekend after another. They were bringing in full party buses, at least 100 people or more.”

Regardless, the fact that they happen with regularly high attendance, even as the news assaults us daily with reasons why we should all be scared of the super-deadly COVID-19 virus that’s not so super deadly at all, should tell you something.

The article continues with a quote by Alpine Mayor Paul Tomasko who laments that these parties are happening at such a time.

“Disconcerting in the extreme that we are forced to deal with something that shouldn’t be happening, especially in the time of this pandemic,” said Tomasko. “We didn’t expect to see very much more of this, but we’ve been surprised and disappointed that we have.”

My question is, what did the elected leadership of America expect?

This mansion may be just one example, but if American politicians think this will be the exception to the American rule in perpetuity then they’re sadly mistaken. Not only are Americans a rebellious bunch by nature, but humanity also will not tolerate this level of isolation forever. At some point, all the orders for businesses to shut down, masks to be worn, and distanced to be social’d is going to be wholly rejected. COVID-19 won’t rule the American people forever.

And that time is going to come far sooner than later. It may already be here.

Just in my own personal experience, I’ve born witness to how little people actually care about the social distancing rule or even wearing masks. In buildings where you can take it off, people do immediately. If they can get away with not wearing one, they will. I’ve watched as people who haven’t seen each other in some time give each other hugs or shake hands, and the latter takes place way more often than not still to this day despite Fauci’s “sage” advice.

The turn against the social distancing rules may not come in the form of a great “F-U” to authority figures. My guess is that it’s going to come gradually. People are just going to get more and more relaxed about the virus to the point of not even caring that it’s around. Politicians, unable or unwilling to enforce rules in the face of so many people not caring about it, will quietly revoke any rules they put forward.

This will likely happen in red states faster than it will in blue states. Blue states may very well hold out until after November when the fear over the virus will have no more use.

This New Jersey party is just a sign of things to come if they aren’t already here. People are ready to be together again, to go out and live life, and shrug off useless authoritative rules that are put in place by people that have almost no idea as to what they’re doing anyway.


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