How Trump Should Debate Biden If Biden Refuses to Debate

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I think it’s pretty clear at this point that we’re not going to see presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden debate, President Donald Trump. The Democrats nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing it.

Trump is more or less undefeated in debates and Biden is more or less undefeated in embarrassing himself every time he gets in front of a camera. So far, Biden’s entire presidential campaign has resembled a “Weekend at Bernie’s” movie than an actual attempt at running for POTUS. Just a bunch of people behind a past-his-time candidate trying to make him look like he’s capable of doing things that he’s clearly not.

Biden’s handlers aren’t letting him within spitting distance of the public unless it’s somehow carefully controlled. Doing otherwise is asking for another gaffe or embarrassing moment that Republicans can point to as one more reason not to elect him, and there are already so many.

The debates would be a death blow to Biden’s campaign and the Democrats know it. So what does Trump do if Biden won’t debate him?

I think he should do what Trump does best and put on a show around it.

Trump should begin by appearing on stage with two podiums. He should offer his Democratic opponent the opposite podium and explain that the American people deserve to hear the thoughts and plans of both candidates and that if Biden doesn’t show, he’ll be doing a major disservice to the American people. He should make it a point to ask what the Democrats are afraid of and what they’re trying to hide.

This invitation should be renewed every week until the day of the debate and Trump should always finish by making it clear that if Biden doesn’t show up for the debate, a debate will take place anyway, with or without him.

Should the Democrat’s chosen combatant refuse to show up to that debate, Trump can appear next to the same podium on the same stage and announce that the Democrats have failed to show up and express his ideas in a live format, but that won’t stop Trump. Biden has, after all, released various statements, made claims, and has videos where he has expressed plans and views. Since Biden won’t show up in person, Trump will be forced to use those to debate against.

Trump can then spend a few days addressing various claims and facts that his opponent has laid out over the history of his recent campaign, and maybe even address a few of the claims he’s made in the past.

The press will have no choice but to cover these “debates” as conservative news outlets will feature bits and pieces of these “debates” on their websites every time they happen. Social media sites will buzz with clips. Fact-checkers will be called on to paint Trump’s claims as false, making them a centerpiece of conversation.

No matter what, Trump’s “debate” is going to be the center of attention.

Biden is running for an office that unofficially leads the entire free world. One way or another, his ideas, solutions, and stances should be challenged, weighed, and measured without the comfort of a friendly press. He needs to be put into ideological combat to see whether he will thrive or not. The American people deserve nothing less.

As such, Trump should drag Biden into the ring one way or another. Whether it’s Biden himself, or Biden’s documented past. Trump wins no matter what here and the worst thing Trump and his team could do in the face of Biden and his team cowering from him is nothing.

The would-be leftist Emperor has no clothes on and all Trump and his team have to do is point that out.



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