More Warnings About Mail-In Voting Flood In and You Should Be Worried

Mail-in Voting AP featured image
Mail-in ballots found in trash cans in Nevada

Mail-in voting has become one of the hot topics for this coming election period and despite repeated warnings a plethora of sources and examples about its flaws in trustworthiness and a high potential for fraud, many leaders are still going forward with the practice.

But despite election experts giving mail-in voting the award for being the worst way to have a safe election, one reporter decided to test out just how unreliable it was. What he found was shocking.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote earlier today, Georgia’s WRDW-TV’s Tony Dokoupil decided to test out what mail-in voting would look like by mailing in 100 “ballots” that mimicked both size, weight, and class, all from different locations and having them all sent to a P.O. Box that was to act as an official election location. A short time later he mailed 100 more.

What Dokoupil found when he went to collect his “votes” was a multitude of issues, most notably noted that 21 percent of the “votes” hadn’t appeared even after four days. What’s worse, of the 100 he mailed earlier, three of them were missing.

Three out of a hundred might not sound that bad but it’s expected that somewhere between 80 and 100 million people will be voting by mail this election season. Even at the lowest end of that prediction, that’s potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential votes that could be lost. These are a massive number of votes that could swing an election one way or another.

And that’s the point.



In April, Tucker Carlson warned that mail-in voting, being pushed hard by Democrats, opens up avenues for so much fraud. Carlson noted several instances where fraud had occurred in the past thanks to mail-in voting, including the voting dead, fake addresses, and mail that strangely arrived too late to be counted.

If places like Orange County, a Republican district, can suddenly turn blue at the drop of a hat thanks to mail-in voting, then we can’t be surprised if Republican districts suddenly go blue. Fraud is everywhere, and here are just some recent examples.

  • In May 2016, CBS2 Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in southern California. Many cast ballots “year after year.”

  •  The Heritage Foundation’s non-exhaustive survey confirms, since 2000, at least 742 criminal vote-fraud convictions.

  • North Carolina announced in April 2014 that 13,416 dead voters were registered, and 81 of them recently had voted. Among 35,750 North Carolinians also registered in other states, 765 voted in November 2012, both inside and outside the Tarheel State.

  •  South Carolina’s attorney general concluded in January 2012 that 953 people “were deceased at the time of their participation in recent elections.”

  •  The Public Interest Legal Foundation recently discovered that Virginia removed 5,556 non-citizens from its voter rolls between 2011 and last May. Among these non-Americans, 1,852 had cast a total of 7,474 illegal ballots across multiple elections.

We can’t say any sudden unexplained shift in control happened without warning. This is our warning.

Democrats know that this election will be one of the largest in the history of America and despite polls saying things are going well for them, their likely fully aware that their chances aren’t that great. The silent majority is more silent than ever because there’s more of a majority than ever. They gambled on keeping America in turmoil making people hate Trump and it’s just not cutting it. In fact, it may be working against them now.

They’re in trouble, and with stakes this high, desperation is setting in.

Democrats are known to cheat as often as possible, and no one should put it passed them that they would cheat on a level much larger than anything seen before in order to accomplish their goals.



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