Support for Black Lives Matter Is Dropping Among White People, but Don't Blame Racism

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NYC protest

The activist group that is Black Lives Matter is a political movement more than it is a social one, and as such it will likely stay around until its usefulness has run its course, i.e. November. However, while support remains high among most American groups, support is starting to drop among white people, specifically white males.

The immediate go-to excuse would be to blame the supposed inherent racism of white people, and indeed you’ll probably hear or see this explanation given once this poll begins to make the rounds in the mainstream media.

Before that happens, I want to point out something that may be far more obvious than it should be in our current activist-driven media environment.

It’s not racism.

Black lives matter is a concept that almost everyone in America can get behind, and you’ll notice that in almost every situation where a protest pops up, white people can be seen marching in droves. Even in situations where riots are happening, you’ll find a plethora of white people with white people sometimes escalating the situation themselves.

For now, however, let’s focus on the peaceful protests, as most Americans aren’t Marxist agitators or bearers of malicious intent. No matter how you slice it, white people are not an uncommon sight at black lives matter protests and rallies. It should also be noted that those of right-leaning ideologies also believe that black lives matter, however, as their ideology is based on the idea of being created equal, they tend to say “All Lives Matter,” a more all-encompassing phrase.

So what’s driving white people away?

Some people believe that this is a desire for a “return to normalcy” as Atavism says in the tweet above and perhaps that’s true, but it’s also likely that there is an entirely different reason as well, and it’s the fact that white people — specifically white males — have been declared the enemy by the movement. It’s a constant theme among the Black Lives Matter activists and its friendly media.

In other words, white people aren’t walking away from BLM, they’re being pushed away, and violently so at times.

It needs to be understood that those who believe black lives matter in the actual sense aren’t pushing white people away, but more so the organization Black Lives Matter, the Marxist political group looking to cause unrest and division in order to further its political goals.

Black Lives Matter, being the hard-left organization that it is, engages in the Marxist idea of “intersectionalism” which loops in other leftist causes into the leftist cause de jour. In other words, if Black Lives Matter is currently being shouted in the streets, you’ll notice that there are also other signs pertaining to other leftist causes in the bunch such as feminism, LGBT, and even sometimes, abortion.

Every hard-left group, no matter what it encompasses, all blame white men as the starting point of all of our evils. Any institution that contains primarily white men is immediately targeted, isolated, and shamed until the organization or institution caves to the pressure and stars up programs to appease the mob. It doesn’t matter if it’s about race, sex, or other causes, a group of white men is immediately branded as problematic.

Right off the bat, intersectionalism has deemed white men a massive problem and accuse them of things they aren’t guilty of. Offense is taken as BLM goes on the offensive and white men, through little to no fault of their own, find themselves in total opposition.

Naturally, this can be used as a means to further point out that white men are driving all the racism in this country, but in truth, the real racists are shoving them away then complaining that those they deemed their enemy are standing apart from them.

The real villains here, are the BLM activists pulling the strings of a populace that only wants to do the right thing.


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