We Are in a Civil War and No One Has Come to Terms With It Yet

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A protester speaks with a Park Police officer standing guard with a line of police closing off off the area around Lafayette Park near the White House after protesters tried to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson in the park in Washington, early Tuesday, June 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

When people think of “civil war” they think of two armies shooting at each other, engaged in a bloody conflict where the winner takes all. They think of soldiers in recognizable uniforms with identifiable generals. Looking around our country today, you won’t find uniformed men shooting their rifles at one another as trumpets sound and generals scream orders.

Rest assured that despite not seeing these things, we are in a civil war. It’s because you don’t see the things history taught you to associate with a civil war that we don’t think we’re in one. I’ve watched many people on both sides of the political aisle scoff at the notion. I imagine this article will receive a level of derision from my peers. Nevertheless, you are at war.

The people you are at war with would rather you not think you’re being besieged. In fact, they want you to fight for them by masquerading their efforts as something you, as an American who believes all men are created equal, can’t help but fight for. It’s a brilliant tactic. Getting your enemy to fight for you is a strategy that few would have even seen coming.

Regardless, they are your enemy and with your help, they’re attacking on multiple fronts.

To what end is, at this point, incredibly obvious. They want to cast out the capitalist system and the constitutional republic we have established and institute a socialist system of control. That may sound hyperbolic and even a bit conspiratorial, but your enemies aren’t scared to tell you that’s exactly what they want to do.

One of these fronts is one of the loudest and increasingly obvious. You know it as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which focuses on bringing forward issues plaguing the black community such as inequality, police violence, and poverty. Many people righteously march to give the black community their support. They believe in the concept as all people should believe it. However, your agreement with the concept is a weapon being utilized by “Black Lives Matter” the institution.


The co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrice Cullors, admitted to being a trained Marxist along with her colleagues. It is an organization that has the intended goal of disrupting western society. You don’t have to take my word for it, they’ll willingly tell you themselves.

“We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories,” said Cullors during a 2015 interview.

Black Lives Matter is a political special interest group and is more popular than both established political parties. They’ve raked in millions in funding from corporations and people just trying to do the right thing and through leftist special interest third parties, are using that money in ways they aren’t telling us. In fact, a June Reddit AMA thread where this question was brought up to BLM managing director Kailee Scales was locked down after she refused to answer the question to an increasingly frustrated crowd.

More than that, however, you can see where BLM’s priorities lie in the fact that black lives don’t seem to matter at all to Black Lives Matter. Over the course of the protests and subsequent riots that erupted as a result of the murder of George Floyd, black lives have been taken senselessly, including the lives of five black children. BLM has not called for the same level of justice for these people like they did for Floyd. David Dorn, the black elderly retired officer slain trying to protect his friend’s pawn shop by rioters, was hardly a blip on their radar.

The reason is that Black Lives Matter (the institution) isn’t concerned with black lives. It’s far more concerned with the disruption of the current system and the implementation of Marxian systems. The people, mostly unknowingly, are supporting their cause even to the point of fighting for it thinking they’re fighting for justice and equality. In reality, they’re lending manpower and platform to one of the most subversive groups in American history.


Another front where this is taking place is in our media. By now, it’s undeniable that the American media has a very leftist bent with few exceptions. Programs, be they news or entertainment, are often laced with left-leaning sentiment or outright propaganda. The media is often on full offensive mode, with reports oftentimes being delivered with pre-loaded bias and aimed at things such as pro-American leaders, American traditions, and half-truths to blatant lies about various subjects they are opposed to.

This was well highlighted in Tucker Carlson’s monologue on Monday. While it deserves to be viewed in its entirety, most interesting are the media’s attack on Mt. Rushmore. Listen closely to how they describe our nation’s past, its heroes, founders, and more.

This concerted effort looks to paint America as a nation founded on hate and inequality. It makes brilliant men who founded the most prosperous nation with an emphasis on equality to be absolute villains who cared only for other white men.

This is absolutely false as Abraham Lincoln himself detailed during an 1854 speech. The founding fathers were so against slavery that they implemented various laws to stop its spread and ween it out of America entirely. The end result was realized by Lincoln himself, who carried out their work. You’ll never hear about this from our media who are purposefully pushing a retelling of American history in order to turn you against the country. They want you to believe that the country is a lie, that its founding was based on mistruths, and that it’s hiding a sinister side of itself.

Many of the figures in our media are also geared toward pushing for a socialist system. New York Times and Washington Post writers as well as CNN and MSNBC anchors can often be found either ignoring or defending radical leftist groups such as Antifa, which actively, openly, and violently push for Marxist systems to take hold in America. Their efforts to create autonomous zones being one of the more forceful methods they’ve used only recently.


They will tell you that the groups conducting violence and destruction are mostly peaceful as they stand in front of a city on fire. They will make excuses for them that put them in the column of “freedom fighter” or even excuse riots as a desperate reaction by oppressed people against a corrupt and unfair system. They will give little coverage to the killing of five innocent black children by other black people, however, as this does not help their cause.

Like Black Lives Matter (the institution), they are oftentimes silent when it comes to the destruction of black lives. If it doesn’t meet certain criteria, you won’t really hear much about it. A small mention, or maybe an article will be dedicated to it in the news but they will not make it a prime topic on talk shows or feature it on their webpage. You won’t see many opinion pieces about it. In fact, you may even see it actively dismissed as Don Lemon did during his chat with actor Terry Crews.

For socialists looking to upend a system, black lives are merely a means to an end.

All of this painting America as a racist country founded on villainy could easily be dismissed as fringe ideological nonsense (which it is) if it weren’t for the fact that our educational system is one of the other major fronts in this civil war.

It’s been common knowledge that our institutions of higher learning have been hubs for Marxist indoctrination. You’ll even find professors taking part in Antifa activities, including violence. It was a Marxist Dartmouth professor who literally wrote the handbook for Antifa. These professors will often take part and spur on leftist protests and disruptive events, even threatening force to students who disobey like this Mizzou professor did who, by the way, had a courtesy appointment to the journalism school.


It doesn’t stop at colleges and universities either.

Elementary schools are often rife with leftist bent, teaching children about gender identity and condom use, oftentimes without the parent’s knowledge. Some schools force these students to attend the indoctrination and disallow parents from pulling them out of class. It’s a required curriculum in the state of Illinois with forced purchases of school books for the purpose of the indoctrination.

While this is happening, schools are actively refraining from teaching real American history. In a video recently done by College Fix, students were asked about basic American history and what they think about it. These students were woefully ignorant of their own nation’s history but knew that America was a racist nation. One of those interviewed, a teacher, admitted to teaching her small children that America is a racist nation and did not actually teach them any real history.

This all amounts to a very real siege on America that goes relatively unnoticed because the signs that would normally signal such a war, what we define as war, aren’t there. This war has been ongoing for some time and during your everyday life, you may not see it. However, little by little, they are eating away at the fabric of our society. The most advanced nation on the planet in both technology and philosophy is being dissolved slowly as many of our institutions are infiltrated and turned to become bases of operations for American’s enemies.

America’s enemies aren’t as numerous as its supporters, but its supporters are living their lives as peacefully as possible, working and providing, and growing. Our enemies work night and day toward the goal of collapse and revolution. They aren’t shy about it though their methods and means are drenched in shadows and hidden behind closed doors.


I would love to tell you that the reelection of President Donald Trump would turn this around, but sadly, it would only be a stopgap measure. Trump will one day have to leave office and another Republican might not follow behind him. Even if one did, and he or she was even more of a freedom-oriented president than Trump, our enemies would still be infiltrating every important or useful organization or institution, working from the inside to infect and deteriorate America’s culture, its businesses, its art, and its educational system.

You are in a civil war even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t think you are, even if you’re laughing at the prospect. There are people in this country at war with you and what you love and they will do very underhanded things to defeat you. Ways where you won’t even know you’re being defeated. Even though there’s blood on the ground that’s not being spoken of already.

You might not hear gunfire, you may never see soldiers marching into cities. You may, but this isn’t your typical civil war. This is a civil war where your defeat won’t be signaled by white flags or thousands dead. You’ll know you’ve lost when one day you wake up and you live in a socialist state wondering where the America you know had gone. You’ll wonder where the transition happened and you won’t be able to remember a key moment.

This is a very long war and very few of us have shown up to the battle. While those who love America vastly outnumber its enemies who hate it and would see it upended, not many are fighting in this civil war that you, right now, are losing.



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