This Video of a Crazy White SJW Explaining Racism to Black People Shows Us the True State of the Left

Racism among the left is rampant and this white SJW proves it. (image: screenshot provided by Breitbart video)

Racism among the left is rampant and this white SJW proves it. (image: screenshot provided by Breitbart video)

Earlier, I wrote about how the left has gone back to square one in terms of its views on racism and minorities and race. Videos have been coming out of areas where you see white social justice brainwashed “Black Lives Matter” protesters target black police officers for ridicule for not being on the side that they should.


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This is due, in part, because of a leftist belief that they, and only they, can help minorities because minorities are incapable of helping themselves. It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations in a nutshell. Today’s radicals have taken that concept and, in their arrogance, grew it until the obvious racism they exhibit becomes not so obvious to themselves.

Now, white leftists openly scream at black people for behaving or believing in ways that black people shouldn’t. It’s a blatantly racist position to take, but this is the state of the modern left.

I wanted to bring to your attention another example of this problem currently being exhibited by the left.

In this video below, you can see a white girl focusing her ire on a white officer, albeit “respectfully.” That word is in quotes because she’s only using “sir” as a way to seem polite. Rest assured, her hatred is very apparent.

Throughout the video, you see this young white woman berate an officer for being racist and/or ignorant about racism despite the fact that he tells her that he has a black wife. The officer becomes fed up with her and decides to discontinue the conversation in order to answer a phone call from his wife.

The girl continues to reason that despite the fact that he has an “acquaintance” that he’s still a racist. It’s then that two black officers attempt to engage her in conversation. One officer attempts to explain to the woman that the reason officers are disengaging from her is that she has closed her mind off and won’t allow this to be a two-way conversation. Even as the officer attempts to explain this, she’s speaking over him dismissively.


Eventually, she addresses him directly, essentially shutting down conversation by stating she wasn’t talking to the black officer, she’s addressing the “white dude.” She then tries to explain systemic racism to the black officer.

The video then cuts to the girl being called out by the black officers for calling the white officer with a black wife a liar after he refused to show him pictures of his family.

“How dare you ask for this man’s family,” said one of the black officers.

The black man attempts to further engage the woman, stepping forward, and she tells him to back away due to fears of catching COVID-19. The officer then attempts to share the gospel with her. As he does, she once again begins dismissing him, attempting to step around him to address the white officer.

What we see here are several things that should be widely noted.

For one, the white girl who is there under the mission to help the black community and stand up for them is openly dismissing any black people trying to speak to her or make her answer for her positions. She’s not interested in engaging with members of the black community unless they fall in with her line of thinking.

This is a typical pattern from the left, as members of the black community aren’t considered true members of the black community unless they fall in line with the ideologies assigned to them by the left. Objectively, this is where real racism rears its ugly head.


Secondly, she’s continuously trying to shame the white man who is clearly far less willing to dismiss members of the black community than he is by virtue of the fact that he clearly has a good relationship with the black men he works with, but that he also has a black wife.

What these two points have in common clearly isn’t race. What we’re seeing here is this girl shaming these men for not subscribing to her radical left, social justice ideology.

What does this tell us?

At the end of the day, it’s not about solving racism, or black lives, or equality. It’s about ideological uniformity and obedience.

That’s it.


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