Gretchen Whitmer's Childish Excuse for Why She'll Never Apologize for Shutting Down Michigan

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Michigan has been locked down since March with some of the most strict rules seen in the country. This has resulted in no shortage of lost jobs, lost livelihoods, and hungry people, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants you to know that she isn’t sorry for it.


Not only is she not sorry for it, but she’s also glad she did it because, according to her, someone had to step up and be the leader that President Donald Trump apparently wasn’t being.

During an interview with Axios, Whitmer said that she will not be apologizing to anyone despite all the fallout from her strict lockdown because Trump wasn’t stepping up to the plate to do it himself. Also, she realizes that it’s caused a lot of problems, but because people died, it was worth it.

“I’m never going to apologize for the fact that because there was a vacuum of leadership at the federal level, we had to take action to save people here in Michigan,” Whitmer said.

“It has not come without cost. I recognize that,” she continued. “I know a lot of people are stressed about the job they lost or the business that might not open. But there’s also over 5,000 families that are mourning the loss of a loved one.”

Here’s the thing about death. It happens al the time and to every family. While it is definitely tragic that COVID-19 took the lives of so many, lives are taken for various reasons that we don’t shut things down over. We suffer 40,000 fatal car crashes every year, yet we don’t tell everyone that they must never start a car again just purely out of the fact that it’s impractical to do so. We need vehicles for our lives to function, whether we use public for private transport.


The same rule can be applied to the lockdowns. We need to live our everyday lives in order to keep our nation afloat and yet we were told not to go outside and do anything or else. It’s completely impractical and unsustainable.

Whitmer took the power she was given and abused it while claiming it was all in the name of safety, and now she’s even saying that she did it because Trump wouldn’t step up to be the dictator she thought he should have been.

Here’s a question for Whitmer. How many people have to die of what doctors call “despair deaths” before she’ll feel the least bit guilty? Doctors said that if the lockdowns continue, we could see anywhere from 75,000 to over 150,000 deaths thanks to suicide or drug and alcohol abuse stemming from the hopelessness and anxieties of the lockdown.

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How many of these deaths will Governor Karen suffer before she feels bad? We know that it’s already happening as people struggle greatly with mental health issues stemming from the lockdown. As I reported earlier Tuesday, psychiatrists have been issuing prescriptions left and right to deal with depression and anxiety.


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Is Whitmer going to feel bad for them? Will she apologize to the people desperate for an end to a lockdown that for all intents and purposes is useless, seeing as how states that released their lockdowns weeks ago are still seeing drops in infection rates?

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My guess is no, and my guess is she won’t see herself reelected because of it.


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