Twitch Thots are Horrible but They're a Symptom, Not a Disease

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I never really paid much attention to the world of “Twitch Thots” but lately I’ve noticed that a massive problem has reared its ugly head around their community.


For those of you unfamiliar, Twitch is a streaming platform where you can do anything from play video games to just chat live in front of an audience. For some, being a Twitch streamer is their livelihood and more power to them. They’re able to draw large crowds who then contribute money as payment if they’re entertaining enough.

But it’s only natural for platforms where attention and money can be gathered in tandem to attract a certain kind of people, specifically young attractive females whose entire job is to look provocative and speak into a camera. They go by many names, but for many, they’re labeled as “thots” which is an acronym for “that ho over there.”

I can’t say that I have exhaustive knowledge about the number of Twitch thots so I can’t necessarily pass a general judgment on their entire community. I’m sure there are some women who rely on their looks for attention and are perfectly decent people, but there are clearly some who are not.

Allow me to give you a couple of examples.

A Twitch streamer by the name of InvaderVie made the argument that the men watching her stream should be paying her money and that if they aren’t then they’re irresponsible in some form or fashion. Keep in mind that InvaderVie said this as we were all quarantined and many were losing their jobs. YouTuber “ShoeOnHead” covers the streamer’s nonsense in more detail.


Another popular Twitch streamer called “Pokimane” attempted to have a YouTuber’s sponsors pull out after he criticized her more extreme fanbase who willingly give up large amounts of their money to her. There is a report that one man gave up so much to Pokimane that he couldn’t afford rent. Whether someone going to this extreme is true or not, Pokimane relies on people like this in order to live the life she does and attempted to see to it that the YouTube in question, “It’sAGundam” lost his income.

YouTube channel “TheQuartering” has a video up about this story as well.

These are just a couple that I’ve seen, but as you can see, these women aren’t exactly the best people. They’re entitled and have made their existence revolve around seducing men without ever having to give anything back to them. They dress provocatively and flirt with the camera, but they never truly give any service for the money they receive. Even strippers have to perform a service for receiving money. Twitch thots have no such obligation.

But while they’re horrid, I can’t fully be angry with them. They found a way to make good money and are exploiting it while they can. Naturally, their looks won’t last forever and will depreciate in value as they age, but while it holds up, they’ve found a way to make utilize their good luck in the genetics category for monetary gain. As a capitalist, I can’t be mad about that aspect.


What I’m mad about is the fact that there are men out there who are buying into it. I want to be clear. I’m not angry with the men per se. Yes, I think they should be held responsible for throwing money at these women. It’s their personal decision to do so and therefore they should definitely be slammed for it.

That said, if I’m being honest, I’m angrier about the culture that created these men.

If you go through the videos I posted above you’ll notice that Jeremy, Shoe, and Gundam all switch their attention from the girls to the men who support them and for good reason. The army of White Knights that follow these girl’s every move is vast and incredibly loyal. Even a comment I made about Pokimane without even mentioning her on Twitter got the attention of one of her fans and he sent me an angry tweet, which he has since deleted after I called him out. For reference, all I said was this…

These men are already willing to shell out large amounts of cash for these women. They’re monetarily invested in them and as such feeling as if they have some sort of stake in her. The reason behind that investment, however, is emotional. They get no real gain out of it except for the approval of the women and this tells us some things.


These are typically very lonely men who were isolated even before isolation was forced on the rest of us. Their confidence levels are shot to hell for one reason or another and talking to a girl is so far out of the realm of doability for them that they wouldn’t dare even look one in the eye in real life.

This makes them perfectly susceptible to thot control. On the internet, they scratch their biological itch to provide for a special woman They’re finally able to gaze into said woman’s eyes and watch as she smiles at them through the camera.  Sometimes, they’ll be acknowledged by their chosen e-love which may make it all worth it. They know fully that there are other men fawning for her attention alongside them but that doesn’t exactly matter to them. For these men, it’s the closest they believe they’ll get to intimacy.

It’s horrible that we live in a society where this is happening. Men becoming obsessive with women to the point of danger isn’t a new story by any means, but I feel like we’ve seen a massive increase in this day and age. Men are repeatedly told that they’re trash and are encouraged to subjugate themselves to women. They’re told that any resistance to a woman is toxic and that nothing short of full support is right out.


These men do this, at least in part, because they haven’t been told they’re worth more than this. These women certainly won’t tell them that. You won’t see many Twitch thots encouraging these men to stop watching her and get out in the real world to find real love for themselves. You won’t see them telling these men to save their money and try to make more of a life for themselves. In fact, as InvaderVie showed, the only time she advocated for the acceleration of men’s lives is if they give her their earnings.

Again, I can’t say this is the case for all Twitch thots, but I have seen zero footage of one encouraging men to be more, not for her or because she said so, but be more because these men deserve it for themselves.

These men are tragically small in spirit and it’s more lucrative to keep them that way.

I’ve seen no mainstream attempts to try to get these men to understand that they don’t have to be the e-servents of these women because they’re worth more, not just as men, but as humans. In fact, I’ve only seen the opposite from mainstream sources. I’ve seen deluges of messaging about how men are worthless and/or evil. They are told the only way to be better is to be of service to women.

This e-thot white knight is the end-result. They believe they’re utilizing masculinity the right way, the non-toxic way, but what we’re really seeing is the complete absence of it.


The thots are horrible for taking advantage of this to the point of damaging these men, these men are irresponsible for effectively being these women’s footstools, but overall the culture that bashes men and makes them out to be the dregs of planet Earth is by far the worst aspect of all of this.

We have got to start changing the way we treat men.


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