Shame on Jill Biden for Allowing This Abuse of Her Husband to Continue

AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Jill Biden, wife of Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden introduces him during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)


We all know that there is something mentally wrong with former VP and presumptive DNC pick for president Joe Biden. What makes this disturbing, at least for me, is that no one around him seems to be want to stop the madness.

Specifically, it’s horrifying that his wife looks like she’s in on it.

I feel like the DNC is telling an old circus monkey far past its prime and in desperate need of retirement that it still has to perform center stage every night. I realize I’m more or less alone in this, but every day that goes by with Biden in front of a camera or a crowd, I just feel more and more sorry for him and angrier and angrier at the people putting him in the spotlight.

What makes it even worse is that Jill seems to now be accompanying Biden on his trips to the camera, and now acts as a sort of hype man in the same way Flava Flav tagged along with Chuck D.

Watch this clip of Biden completely losing all train of thought and Jill just kind of…agreeing with it? Spurring him on? I don’t know.


As I said in a video I made last week, it’s my opinion that Biden needs to be taken off the path that will inevitably force him into a confrontation with Trump where, without a teleprompter to guide him, he will be a lost and confused mess while Trump beats on him in the same way Tyson would beat on the kid always picked last for dodgeball.

I’m pretty disgusted by the way Jill, his wife, is allowing this to go on.

I realize not everyone agrees with me and that they’re abiding by Napoleon’s advice of never interrupting your enemy while they’re making a mistake, but I feel like the least we can do is call out Jill for allowing this abuse of her husband to continue. It’s on the DNC for putting this mentally ill old man in the arena, but Jill Biden definitely should receive the most derision for her unwillingness to guard her husband.


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